How to create a vintage updo | ghd Hairstyle Tutorial

Watch ghd Creative Educator, Lorna Moore create a vintage-inspired updo! It's the perfect prom or party hairstyle!

Make sure you’re the belle off the ball at your next special event with a party hairstyle that’s bound to wow. A timeless classic, opting for a vintage hair updo is your ticket to style perfection – but creating a look like this shouldn’t be hassle.

Find out how you can get a vintage-inspired hair updo with ease, thanks to Lorna Moore’s step-by-step guide. 

How to create a vintage inspired updo

1. Take a triangular section of hair using the tail of the ghd narrow dressing brush, then secure out of the way.

2. Split the rest of the hair in half, lightly mist with ghd curl hold spray then curl each section loosely with the ghd platinum® styler.

3. Using the ghd paddle brush, smooth the hair back into a ponytail at crown and secure with an elastic band.

4. Next feed the pony through a large hair doughnut and spread the hair to cover any padding. Smooth the hair into place with ghd narrow dressing brush.

5. Take hair bungee (elastic with hook on each end) hook through the ponytail under the doughnut, wrapping it around the hair to pull it in and hold it in place.

6. Tuck any leftover strands under doughnut to hide, then use three scaffolding grips to hold bun in place.

7. Release triangular fringe section, spray with ghd curl hold spray, split in half and curl using the ghd platinum® styler.

8. Divide fringe section in two with the ghd narrow dressing brush, then tease for thickness and structure.

9. Wrap section of hair around 2 fingers, roll towards head and use your finger tips and palm to smooth and shape.

10. Place grip around roll, following the direction of roll to disguise the grips. Finish front by shaping the hair with the tail of ghd narrow brush.

11. For a glossy finish, mist with ghd final fix hairspray and smooth with the ghd oval dressing brush.

what we used: 


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