Style a natural blown out look for a classic lifted style or as a foundation for further styling, with the ghd helios™ hair dryer and professional comb nozzle.

Lift and stretch your hair to maximise the length and amplify the volume for a beautiful style with extra body! Prep damp hair with ghd straight & smooth spray for an elevated finish, then dry using the ghd helios™ hair dryer and professional comb nozzle to gently lift and shape your style. This technique is a great starting point for further styling, if you want to create a sleek straight style or tumbling curls and waves.

Achieve a classic, full-bodied blow out look with the ghd helios™ and professional comb nozzle.


Natural_Blow_Out_Step_1@3x.jpgStep 1:

Prep damp hair

On damp hair evenly apply ghd straight & smooth spray.
Natural_Blow_Out_Step_2@3x.jpgStep 2:

Divide hair into two sections

Divide your hair into two parts using ghd detangling comb, and clip down one side.
Natural_Blow_Out_Step_3@3x.jpgSTEP 3:

Detangle, starting at the ends

Using the detangling comb, brush through your hair, starting at the end and working up to the root.
Natural_Blow_Out_Step_4@3x.jpgStep 4:

Subdivide into 4 sections

Subdivide your hair into four sections and secure with a clip.
Natural_Blow_Out_Step_5@3x.jpgStep 5:

Dry your hair using the comb nozzle

Start at the front, gently comb the hair with ghd helios hair dryer and comb nozzle.
Natural_Blow_Out_Step_6@3x.jpgStep 6:

Continue this technique throughout

Work through all the hair until it is blown out.
Natural_Blow_Out_Step_7@3x.jpgStep 7:

Style a side parting

Style the hair into a side parting using the comb nozzle.
Natural_Blow_Out_Step_8@3x.jpgStep 8:

Finish with ghd final shine spray

Apply ghd final shine spray.