Ceramic brushes collection


Make every day the best hair day you could hope for with a ghd ceramic hair brush.

Available in four different sizes to work with any hair type, our range of ghd heat-retaining ceramic hair brushes can help you to craft the perfect volume, soft silky waves, and a faster blow-dry.

Use the barrel size of your choice to direct heat from your hair dryer through the strands of your locks to create a range of stunning and sleek hairstyles to suit all occasions.

The smaller-barrel ghd ceramic hair brushes – the ghd the blow dryer - radial brush (size 1) and the slightly larger ghd the blow dryer - radial brush (size 2) – are the perfect styling tools for creating that all-important root lift on shorter and choppier hairstyles. Next up, the ghd the blow dryer - radial brush (size 3) is perfect for adding curls to longer hair.

For full volume, sculpt and perfect your way to beautiful, bouncy curls with the range-topping ghd the blow dryer - radial brush (size 4) . The full-sized ceramic barrel of these brushes retains heat for a faster blow-dry, whilst creating super volume in long hair that lasts.

Our ceramic hair brushes give your hair lift without the need for any additional heat, meaning you can style beautiful do's without fear of damage.