Elevate your natural curl pattern with the ghd hair dryer diffuser for a stunning natural curl diffused dry style!

Tease and lift your natural curls for the full-bodied definition of your curly hair dreams! The trick to beautiful curls is to reduce the intensity of airflow from your hair dryer with a diffuser, to gently encourage natural curl pattern. Prep your hair with ghd heat protect spray to protect the integrity of your hair from heat styling, then use the ghd helios and diffuser to dry your hair and lock in your curls.

Work your natural texture and showcase its beauty with a natural curl diffused dry style.


Natural_Curl_Diffused_Dry_Step_1@3x.jpgStep 1:

Pre hair

Prep damp hair with ghd heat protect spray
Natural_Curl_Diffused_Dry_Step_2@3x.jpgStep 2:

Moisturise mid lengths & ends

Apply a light conditioner to the mid lengths & ends, avoiding the roots.
Natural_Curl_Diffused_Dry_Step_3@3x.jpgStep 3:

Gentle comb

Gently separate the curls using the ghd detangling comb
Natural_Curl_Diffused_Dry_Step_4@3x.jpgStep 4:

Define your curls

Wrap the curls around your finger to define their shape.
Natural_Curl_Diffused_Dry_Step_5@3x.jpgStep 5:

Dry the curls

Using ghd helios™ hair dryer on low heat and speed, cup the hair into the diffuser to set curls.
Natural_Curl_Diffused_Dry_Step_6@3x.jpgStep 6:

As you dry, tilt head

Create volume by tilting your head forward, cupping your hair into the diffuser to create volume.
Natural_Curl_Diffused_Dry_Step_7@3x.jpgStep 7:

Finish with ghd smooth & finish serum

Apply ghd smooth & finish serum for extra shine, avoiding the roots.
Natural_Curl_Diffused_Dry_Step_8@3x.jpgStep 8:

Tease into position

When hair is fully dry, tease into position to suit your style.