Healthy Hair Commandments

ghd ambassador, Zoe Irwin, shares her healthy hair commandments

Are you dedicated to improving your hair condition over the next few weeks? If so, follow ghd ambassador Zoë Irwin's healthy hair commandments to nurture and repair your hair…

1. Freeze dry your blow dry

"Turn down the heat on your hairdryer and improve the condition of your hair. With a powerful hairdryer, such as the ghd air® hair dryer, the powerful air flow means that you don’t need to rely on heat for drying your hair, the power itself is enough. Always flash cool each section of your hair and dry with a round bristle brush to add moisture and shine."

2. Massage your scalp

"Massaging your scalp daily for 10 minutes has an incredible effect on the hair. It will relieve tension and increase the blood flow for thicker, healthier, longer hair."

3. Treatment layering

“Super charge your hair by layering hair treatments, this technique is equivalent to a facial but for hair. Simply apply a mask and leave it for 15 minutes, rinse off and towel dry, then repeat twice until you have used three masks in total. The secret is to start with a protein mask which helps to bind broken fibres together and strengthen fragile, damaged hair. Then follow with a conditioning mask and finish with a colour mask to retain and enhance colour and shine.”

4. Bigger is better

“Swap small brushes for big paddle brushes. As you sweep the ghd paddle brush along the scalp it will lightly massage and increase blood circulation to the scalp, helping to stimulate healthy hair growth. Plus, the wide surface means that more hair is being brushed at once, so less brushing is needed overall and thus less stress is put on the hair.”

5. Cold rinse

"By rinsing or washing your hair with cold water, you close and seal the hair cuticles which helps add extra shine and combat frizz. So always turn your shower to cold for a quick cold rinse before getting out. This also benefits your skin!”

6. Gently does it

"When hair is wet it is fragile and vulnerable to breakage so brush wet hair VERY gently. Use a wide tooth comb like the ghd detangling comb. The wide tooth design allows for delicate detangling on damp hair which is fragile and more prone to damage.”



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