Save time on your styling routine with the new ghd glide – our first professional hot brush that styles and smooths your hair quickly and effortlessly.

The perfect tool for Smoothing Natural Texture; make ghd glide your smooth styling go-to. Spritzing your hair with ghd heat protect spray and brushing through each section will protect your hair and allow for easy styling. From root to tip, pass the ghd glide slowly through the hair, and polish the look with ghd smooth and finish serum to tame any final flyaways.

Smoothing Natural Texture has never been easier. Add ghd glide to your styling kit and get ready for sleek hair in seconds.


1. Prep the hair with ghd heat protect spray

2. To allow for easy styling throughout the whole head, work in sections by clipping the top half away

3. Using the ghd oval dressing brush, brush through each section first before using ghd glide to allow for a smoother pass

4. Holding the section of hair at a 45 degree angle, place ghd glide directly at the roots under the hair and glide to the ends slowly

5. Repeat the technique throughout all the hair

6. To finish, use ghd smooth and finish serum on the ends and work through using your fingers