Bigger is always better. Don’t let flat hair be the bane of your style routine – ghd can help you achieve boisterously bouncy tresses without the hassle. Bring your tresses to life with big movement through your mid-lengths and a smooth luxe finish to give your hair a modern spin on the classic blow-dried look.

Get the biggest bounciest blow-out going with the ghd range of styling tools and products. For extra volume and a long-lasting style, work ghd total volume foam through wet hair. The ghd air® hairdryer and ghd ceramic radial brush size 2 are styling essentials for creating a blow-dried hairstyle - it’s all about directing the airflow down the hair and smoothing your tresses out with the ceramic brush.

Go bold at your next event with a look that’ll blow away the style competition. Follow the ghd how-to guide and make big bouncy blown-out hair your signature style.




1. Prep hair with volume foam

2. Create deep side parting

3. Dry hair directing over radial brush

4. Smooth hair through with brush

5. Keep airflow at root for lift

6. Wrap hair into barrel curl and secure

7. Repeat steps 3-6

8. Direct airflow away from face at front

9. Back brush roots with dressing brush

10. Smooth hair with hands

11. Spritz with hairspray

Bouncy_Blow_Out_Step_1_Grid.jpgStep 1:

Prep hair with volume foam

Prep wet hair with ghd total volume foam and work through to the ends for extra volume and lasting hold.
Bouncy_Blow_Out_Step_2_Grid.jpgStep 2:

Create deep side parting

Using the end of a ghd tail comb, create a deep side parting.
Bouncy_Blow_Out_Step_3_Grid.jpgStep 3:

Dry hair directing over brush

Place a ghd ceramic radial brush size 2 in at the root and direct airflow over the brush with ghd air® hairdryer.
Bouncy_Blow_Out_Step_4_Grid.jpgStep 4:

Smooth hair through with brush

Smooth through to the ends, keeping the airflow directed along hair shaft.
Bouncy_Blow_Out_Step_5_Grid.jpgStep 5:

Keep airflow at root for lift

Concentrate the airflow at the root to create extra height.
Bouncy_Blow_Out_Step_6_Grid.jpgStep 6:

Wrap hair into barrel curl and secure

For extra hold and volume, when you finish drying a section, wrap into a barrel curl and secure with a sectioning clip.
Bouncy_Blow_Out_Step_7_Grid.jpgStep 7:

Repeat steps 3-6

Continue technique up to the parting.
Bouncy_Blow_Out_Step_8_Grid.jpgStep 8:

Direct airflow away from face at front

At the front, direct the airflow up and away from the face to create lift at the front.
Bouncy_Blow_Out_Step_9_Grid.jpgStep 9:

Back brush roots with dressing brush

To add fullness, lightly back brush the roots with the ghd narrow dressing brush ensuring you follow the pattern of the blow dry.
Bouncy_Blow_Out_Step_10_Grid.jpgStep 10:

Smooth hair with hands

Smooth over exterior of the hair for a luxury finish.
Bouncy_Blow_Out_Step_11_Grid.jpgStep 11:

Spritz with hairspray

Lightly mist with ghd final fix hairspray to lock in shape.