Bring your deadly look to life this Halloween with a high volume hair style - follow our Halloween hair tutorial for full-bodied 80s Zombie hair.

Give your hair some afterlife with the ghd rise™ hot brush and create this glamorous, bouncy style with extra root lift. Start by setting a deep side parting for extra drama, then using the ghd rise™, curl the front sections of your hair, pinning in place to create maximum lift. Once all the hair is styled, brush out with the ghd oval dressing brush to loosen the curls and tease to create your desired style.

Even if your plans are low-key this year, there's such thing as 'extra' when it comes to Halloween - so go all out and rock a voluminous hair look with the ghd rise™.



step 1: Using the ghd tail comb, section the hair into a deep side parting.

step 2: Place the ghd rise™ hot brush underneath the front section and wrap the hair around the barrel once.

step 3: Hold the ghd rise™ in place on the hair for 5-8 seconds.

step 4: Glide out the ghd rise™ to the ends of the hair and unravel.

step 5: Wind the hair up and pin in place to set the shape for maximum root lift.

step 6: Repeat this technique on the second section of the hair.

step 7: Split the remaining hair into two sections from the back. Section horizontally and begin from the bottom, working upwards.

step 8: In the bottom section, position the ghd rise™ in the hair at a diagonal angle with the cool tip pointing down.

step 9: Wrap the hair around the barrel once and glide down towards the end of the hair.

step 10: Continue this technique throughout the hair, alternating the direction of the curl with each section.

step 11: Unpin the two front sections of your hair.

step 12: Brush out your hair and add some extra volume by teasing the roots.