Mermaid Waves

Introducing the hottest new hair trend of this season - mermaid waves.

Up your style game with a mythical-inspired look that will make you the hair envy of all your friends. Mermaid waves have become the in-look of the moment, with luxuriously deep waves delivering an uber-cool look for all occasions.

Get enthused by sunnier climes with this hot wavy hairstyle. It breathes the ethos of beachy retreats – a relaxed, stylish and non-try hard look that’s sure to win you all the pizazz points. Castaway tight curls and opt for loose waves for this style and shake them out like you’ve just stepped out the sea to add sun siren appeal.

Pack your cravings for sun, sea and piña coladas in your style suitcase with a set of mermaid waves, as styled by ghd #TrendingNow.

What are mermaid waves?

Creating mermaid-esque hair is your ticket to that sought after boho-inspired look. To get the full mermaid waves effect, this look tends to work best on longer tresses – but only for getting that wave after wave appeal down your lengths. Achieving this look on short and mid-length hair is just as easy.

This is a look based on crafting deep ripples to give you those Ariel-esque waves, then it’s down to choosing whether or not you’re going to spice up your waves with pops of colour.  For those going full-time colour, you’ll need to have your locks dyed and prepped beforehand, whereas temporary sprays can be added after you’ve sculpted your mermaid waves.

Mermaid Waves
Mermaid Waves

To craft your mermaid hair, you need to prep your locks with the right products. Give your hair a spritz with ghd curl hold spray and blow dry with the ghd air® hairdryer before you start with styling to get long-lasting waves. The ghd curve® creative curl wand will allow you to create your mermaid curls, then simple shake them out with your hands to create deep waves. A finishing spray of ghd final fix hairspray will keep your look locked in.

How to create mermaid waves

Making mermaid waves your statement look doesn’t have to cause problems. Follow our inspirational guide on how to create those deep waves you’re after.  



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