Boosting thin locks needn’t be a styling trick only achievable in salons. Discover how to get fuller tresses at home,

Easy to shape and quick to maintain, thin hair can be a wonderful thing. But creating a voluminous effect isn’t always plain sailing. Arm yourself with the right techniques to curl, tease and tousle your way to lustrous locks.

The key to imitating fuller hair is to create as much movement and texture as possible. From a bouncing wavy ponytail to 70s-inspired disco curls, there are plenty of ways to pump up the volume if you’ve got thin hair. Achieve the illusion of a thick, voluminous mane with our collection of hairstyles for thin hair.



This popular type of wave has taken over the beauty world, featuring on runways and red carpets alike. But you don’t have to be blessed with thick tresses to rock this style. Simply create big bouncing waves and comb them out lightly using the ghd detangling comb to create the illusion of fullness.

Tip: Lock those waves in with ghd curl hold spray. Simply spritz sections of your hair from root to tip before styling.



Hollywood’s leading ladies have been spotted showing off this beautiful style. Recreate the A-list style yourself, using the ghd curve® creative curl wand. The pretty texture creates an ethereal effect, emulating volume with ease.

Tip: Create the style overnight by sleeping in loose three-strand braids.



This screen siren style radiates glamour and provides a super-thick look thanks to its deep, bold movement. Hollywood waves are easy to recreate using the ghd curve® classic wave wand. Tri-zone® technology in the styler helps lock in those waves, even on fine hair.

Tip: Give your beautiful style a spritz of ghd final fix hairspray to ensure it holds all day and night.



Turn heads with this luxe look – the more curls, the better. This bold hairstyle is all about creating bouncy ringlets that are teased and tousled to perfection, generating volume all around your head.

Tip: Run your fingers through the hair once curled to soften the look.



Get a salon-quality blow-dry without leaving your home. Bouncy locks are easy to style yourself when you’ve got the right tools to hand. Create height at the crown by keeping the ghd ceramic vented radial brush as close to the roots as possible and pulling your hair upwards, following with the ghd air® hair dryer.

Tip: Apply ghd heat protect spray to your tresses before blow-drying to prevent heat damage.



Blend effortless waves with a teased bouffant to create a big and bouncy ponytail style. With loose waves at the front and back, plus height on top, you’ll find there’s volume and movement from every angle.

Tip: Backcomb the hair at your crown to create added height, using the ghd tail comb.



Pile your locks on top of your head to rock a serious no-effort style. By focusing all the attention at your crown, you’ll give the illusion of a thicker head of hair. Plus, this messy style takes no time at all to create.

Tip: Play with the bun using your fingers, teasing and backcombing to create a perfectly textured effect.

Adding a dose of va-va-voom to thin hair can really shake up your style. Practise these voluminous hairstyles for fine hair and you’ll have a style for every occasion.