Heat Protectant Spray Products

Discover our collection of heat protection sprays and look after your hair with the ghd heat styling range.

Blow-drying, straightening, curling, crimping – whatever your vibe, this invisible protection barrier means you can style your hair up to the max without causing any damage. Our unique ghd heat protection system shields your hair from the potential effects of high temperatures, so your hair is healthy and happy – and your look is on point too.

The perfect addition to your everyday routine, our heat protection sprays can be used on damp or dry hair. Before you get out your styler, simply spritz and comb through for even coverage and all-over protection. Wait until all the product dries in – or give it blast with a hair dryer – and then let the styling commence.

Our range of heat protection sprays leave your hair looking and feeling naturally gorgeous. Yet beneath your curling, flowing hairstyle, these specialised formulas are working hard to safeguard your locks when the temperature rises.

For complete styling perfection, layer ghd heat protection with our other collections. Keep it sleek with hair straightening products and big it up with the volumising hair range. It’s everything you need to have a good hair day, every day.

How to use heat protectant spray?

We recommend to mist heat protectant spray over each layer of the hair before applying heat to the hair – whether styling or blow drying.

How does heat protection hair spray work?

Heat protectant spray acts as an invisible protective barrier between the hair and heat. Heat protectant spray like the ghd bodyguard utilizes a two-fold action of protecting polymers and conditioning agents to protect hair from heat damage up to 230 ̊C, preventing cuticles lifting by improving the smoothness of the hair surface, ensuring sleek and smooth locks every time.

How often should you use heat protection spray?

You should use heat protectant spray every time you style/blow dry your hair with heat, to protect from damage and ensure a professional end result.

Can you use heat protectant spray on dry hair?

ghd bodyguard can be applied to both dry and damp hair prior to heat styling / blow-drying. We suggest for extra protection, apply before blow-drying and then again before styling with styler / curler / hot brush.

Does heat protectant spray expire?

Heat protectant spray like the ghd bodyguard does not have an exact expiry date; you can use it for as long as it protects your hair from damage.

Does heat protection spray damage hair?

No. Using a heat protection spray will reduce the amount of damage caused by heat styling. However, it cannot reverse prior hair damage.

How long does heat protection spray last?

Typically, it is better to heat style or blow dry your hair within an hour after spraying the heat protectant on your hair to ensure the best protection. However, the effectiveness of a heat protection spray can last up to 4 hours on average.