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ghd Seminars

Education is key to everything we do at ghd. For what use are ground-breaking, professional styling tools if they’re not used to their full potential? Our education programme ensures that every stylist using ghd has the knowledge and skill they need to be the best they can be.

A good hair day changes everything. It goes way beyond just looking great; it transforms your mood, puts a feel-good spring in your step and fills you with head- turning confidence. A good hair day means a good day, full stop; and that’s why we defend the right for women to turn heads, while they get ahead. We believe it’s OK to care about what’s on the outside, because it doesn’t deflect from what’s on the inside – but it does enhance the way you feel. When you look amazing, you feel like a queen – and when you feel like a queen, you can rule the world. As hairdressers, this unique power is in your hands. You’re our Queenmakers; the people that have the ability to transform every woman who sits in your throne. With your skills and the right tools and techniques, every client can leave your salon feeling like a queen, ready to take on the world. This year, with a little help from our expert lineup of artists, we’ll deliver the trends and technical know-how to make sure your own salon queens are being transformed with the very latest techniques, so you’re constantly ahead of the competition and they keep coming back for more. We’ve got sessions for stylists of every level and to fit all of your styling needs, be it braids, texture or shoot expertise. And because today’s queens show their love through social media, all of our education this year is also designed to help you thrive online, creating picture-perfect moments, looks that get ‘likes’ and relationships that lead to real-world results.

Long live the queens – and you, our Queenmakers.

The ghd Global Education team

Creative Artists

Brand Warriors

Brand Warriors

Famously fearless.

For those ready to stand on the front line of ghd. We're looking for stylists with bold creative identities, a strong social media following and a flair for trend-setting. Step up and take your place as a ghd Brand Warrior.

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Style Squad

Style Squad

Ready For Something New?

You have potential and we want to help you reach it; we're offering opportunities, exposure and education to help you excel your career as a stylist and take your place on a global stage.

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If you're interested in booking a seminar or workshop for you or your team, view our booking and pricing information. If you require a refund or need to cancel your booking, view our cancellation and refund policy.


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