Radiate glamour with these
easy prom hairstyles

Don’t conform to festival hair mainstays – give your locks some summer loving with these refreshing looks.

Achieving maximum glamour for minimal effort on prom night is easy. There are plenty of effortless looks you can master without spending hours styling your locks.

Shelve anything complicated and go for an easy style instead. Spending minutes rather than hours making your hair look chic means there’s more time for prom night fun.

Create major hair envy by channelling minimalistic vibes with these next-level easy prom hairstyles.

Half Updo

Image: @jambo2805

Half updo

Get the best of both worlds by pairing loose locks with a more formal style to create this simple half updo. Take your top section of hair and pin into a subtle bouffant, then style the rest of your tresses into soft waves for an easy hairstyle worthy of a prom queen. 

Tip: Embellish with a jewelled hair clip to take your look one step further.

Curly Ponytail

Image: @headsabove

Curly ponytail

The ponytail may serve as your go-to style during the day, but you can ramp it up a notch for a seriously easy prom hairstyle. Evening glamour is simple to achieve with a set of classic curls and a hint of volume on the crown, brought together into a gorgeous ponytail updo.

Tip: Wrap a section of hair from your ponytail around the hair tie to create the perfect finishing touch to this luxe style.

Glamour waves

Show off your fashion credentials with a mane of glamour waves. Pull out all the stops for prom with this sophisticated look, sweeping to one side in sultry Hollywood style. Match with a statement red pout and smoky eyes for a look that’s almost too hot to handle.

Tip: Lock those curls in by prepping hair with ghd curl hold spray for a style that’ll last all night. 

Sleek and straight

Nothing says sophistication like a seriously glossy straight style. Flaunt this down-do on prom night to radiate elegance as you make your big entrance. The key to this style is sleekness - spritz your finished do with ghd final shine spray.

Elegant Bun

Image: @hairbyanaak

Elegant bun

Step up the glamour at the dance with a graceful bun. Embrace the seriously stylish updo and channel your inner Hollywood starlet for a look that’s bound to make you stand out from the crowd. Twist, wrap and pin your way to prom night perfection with this polished style. 

Image: @ghdhairde

Braided pony

There’s nothing easier than pulling your hair back into a ponytail – and prom night is no exception. Dress up your pony with waves and chunky accent braids for a look that makes a strong impact but doesn’t demand lots of styling time. Simply create waves in your locks with the ghd curve® classic wave wand and then plait two thick braids before sweeping back.

Mermaid Waves

Image: @colerush_

Mermaid Waves

Mesmerise your classmates with a dazzling waterfall of mermaid waves. Plucked straight out of a fairy tale, this style is perfect for prom night. The look is easy to create with the ghd curve® creative curl wand. Curl 1-inch sections of your locks in different directions, then brush them out with your fingers once cool.

Accent braid

All it takes is an accent braid to elevate your prom hair to new heights. Blended with loose waves, you’ll walk into the room feeling like you’re gracing the red carpet. Keep it simple with a classic three-strand technique. Or, if you’ve got a knack for French braids, show off your skills with a more intricate plait along the edge of your hairline.

Twisted Updo

Image: @ghdhair

twisted updo

Twist your tresses into this chic updo for a knock-out prom hairstyle. Pull your hair back into two high ponytails, twist them around themselves and wrap them together for a look that’s bold and beautiful. Elegant and easy to create, there’s nothing not to love about this updo.

Tip: For prom hair perfection, finish this look with small jewelled hair clips pinned into the twist. 

Give your hair the royal treatment by showing off an effortless prom queen style. With no shortage of easy prom hairstyles to play with, you don’t need a glam squad on hand to create an elegant look for your big night







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