Girl Boss Queen

Blow-Dry Straight

Let down your hair and make your everyday style something special with this straight, blow-dry look.

When blow-drying your hair, the trick is to not attempt to style your wet locks straight away; with any blow-dry look you should always roughly dry your hair about 80% first before you begin to style. Prep your wet hair with ghd straight and smooth spray, then roughly dry it in until your hair is nearly completely dry. Style in sections for a sleek look using the ghd air® hair dryer and work with a ceramic brush to create shape and a smooth finish.

Whether your hair is short, mid-length, or long, adding volume and perfectly framing your face can be achieved easily in just a few simple steps, so you can easily incorporate a Blow-Dry Straight style into your daily beauty routine.


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step one: Prep hair with product

Working with wet hair, spritz your locks with ghd straight & smooth spray to protect them from heat damage and to achieve a glossy shine.

Tip: Prep curly locks with ghd straight & tame cream for a smooth and sleek finish.

step two: Blow-dry product into hair

Use the ghd air® hair dryer to blow-dry the product into your hair, directing the airflow down the length of the hair for a smooth finish. Work through your tresses using your hands until your mane is about 80% dry.

step three: Section the top half of hair and secure

Draw your fingers back from your ears to section off the top half of your hair. Secure with a clip on the crown of your head so you can work on smoothing and drying the bottom section first.

step four: Take a small piece of hair and position brush underneath

Take a small piece of hair from the bottom section and position the ghd ceramic vented radial brush size 3 underneath, close to the root. Slightly twist your wrist away to increase tension on the hair.

step five: Blow-dry with airflow travelling down

Hold the ghd air® hair dryer about three inches above the brush, making sure the airflow is travelling from root to tip. Slowly pull the brush towards the ends of the hair, following with the hairdryer.

step six: At ends, roll brush and blow-dry from above

When you reach the ends, roll the brush away from you and blow dry from above. Increasing the tension on your hair will give a smoother finish.

step seven: Continue around head in sections

Blow-dry all of your hair in sections, using the smoothing technique with the brush and hairdryer to achieve a sleek, natural finish.

step eight: Place brush on top of fringe, roll away from face and blow-dry

To dry your fringe, place the brush on top of the hair and roll it away from your face. Blow-dry this section of hair from below, holding the ghd air® hair dryer about three inches away. Slowly move the brush and hairdryer from root to tip to achieve a smooth finish that frames your face.

Tip: Mist your fringe with ghd final fix hairspray to hold in place

step nine: Rub product into your palms and smooth through hair

To finish your look, put two pumps of ghd smooth & finish serum into the palms of your hands and rub together. Run your hands through your locks, from root to tip, smoothing the serum evenly into your hair for a glossy and polished finish.


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