Whether it’s been a long night or a lazy morning, take back some time with the new ghd glide. Our first professional hot brush that styles your hair quickly and effortlessly; you can be ready to take on the day in just a few simple strokes.

Tie your hair back into a low pony for an on-trend style in seconds. Ideal for the girl on the go, this staple look is quick and easy for those mad-rush mornings. Use the ghd glide to smooth your ponytail, and create shape and movement at the front to soften the look and frame your face.

Let ghd glide be your second-day saviour and pull off a Pony with style.


1. Gather your hair into a low pony and secure with an elastic

2. Take a small section of the ponytail and clip the rest out of the way

3. Place ghd glide under the section of hair at the top of the pony

4. Slowly smooth ghd glide down the section

5. Place ghd glide back at the top, this time over the section

6. Slowly smooth ghd glide down to the ends

7. Repeat the same technique throughout the pony until all of the hair is smooth

8. Shape and smooth the front sections using the same technique, turning ghd glide slightly for extra shape

9. Take a small section of hair from underneath the pony tail and wrap around the base of the pony tail to hide the elastic & secure with a pin