For a beautiful blow dry look you can create at home, style these rippling Beach Waves for effortless glamour.

Radiate casual elegance with undone waves and enviable texture. Beach waves frame the face beautifully and look enchanting with longer styles. This is a style that never fails to impress and finds beauty in imperfection. For a long-lasting style, prep your hair with ghd curl hold spray, then dry into the hair. Use the ghd ceramic vented radial brush size 2 and ghd helios™ hair dryer to shape your waves, twisting each section to lock in the shape when you release.

Sculpt volume and texture at home with ghd helios™ hair dryer for jaw-dropping Beach Waves, perfect for the summer.


Blow_Dry_Beach_Waves_Step_1_Grid.jpgStep 1:

Spritz wet hair with ghd heat protect spray

Prep your hair with ghd heat protect spray before styling.
Blow_Dry_Beach_Waves_Step_2_Grid.jpgStep 2:

Using ghd helios, dry your hair until it's 80% dry

Dry your hair using ghd helios until it's 80% dry.
Blow_Dry_Beach_Waves_Step_3_Grid.jpgStep 3:

Spray ghd curl hold spray through the lengths

For extra hold, spray ghd curl hold spray through the lengths of your hair.
Blow_Dry_Beach_Waves_Step_4_Grid.jpgStep 4:

Section, then dry hair by wrapping around a brush away from the face

Take a section from ear to ear, then starting at the bac, place a ghd size 2 ceramic brush vertically into the hair. Wrap the section around the brush away from the face and using ghd helios, direct the airflow away from the roots and around the brush.
Blow_Dry_Beach_Waves_Step_5_Grid.jpgStep 5:

Repeat this technique throughout the hair

Unwind and twist the hair as you pull the brush out in the direction of the curl and repeat all over.
Blow_Dry_Beach_Waves_Step_6_Grid.jpgStep 6:

Use a paddle brush to brush through the lengths of your hair

Brush through your hair and using ghd paddle brush, massage to soften the texture.