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ghd aura®

A revolution in styling and drying

Meet the ghd aura® professional hairdryer, for fast drying and a premium salon look.

What is the ghd aura® professional hairdryer?

With two breakthrough innovations in technology, ghd aura® offers a truly revolutionary drying and styling experience that delivers an ultra-smooth finish with luxurious volume.

Developed by ghd scientists over 3 years and tested on over £60,000 worth of hair tresses, ghd aura® professional hairdryer makes it easier than ever to achieve salon results at home.

“The ghd aura hairdryer gives you the perfect flow of air when drying, to create a stunning looseness and natural fullness like no other. Remember to use the cold shot button when drying; this blast of cold air helps to lock your finished style in place.”

- Adam Reed, ghd Global Ambassador

Why choose ghd aura® professional hairdryer?

  • 65% more concentrated airflow for exceptional styling precision and control

  • 38% more shine

  • 60% quieter at 30cm distance

  • 27°C cooler to touch body

  • 82°C cooler to touch nozzle

  • 17% more energy efficient

“A great hairdryer is essential for any styling; the ghd aura® hairdryer is fast and really minimises drying time, therefore limiting damage to the hair. Effective tools are essential to modern styling.”

– Guido Paula, Session Stylist

What goes into the ghd aura® professional hairdryer?

The ghd aura® professional hairdryer creates exceptional smoothness and shine. The Laminar® Technology delivers a 65% more concentrated*, non-turbulent air stream, which aligns hair in a single direction, creating a focused airflow with even speed and temperature. This leaves hair ultra-smooth and 38% shinier*.

The Cool-Wall® technology allows you to get closer to the scalp while drying; giving the hair increased volume and root lift and sets your style as it dries. With this innovative technology it also keeps the casing and the nozzle cool to touch at 44ºC, even after long-term use letting you move the nozzle as much as you like for a more efficient drying experience.

The hairdryer itself is smaller, lighter (weighing 520g) and 60% quieter*, thanks to the next generation brushless motor which makes handling much more comfortable. The motor within the hairdryer is also more energy efficient than traditional dryers, consuming 17% less electrical energy making it financially beneficial.

Alongside everything, the hairdryer features three power modes and temperature controls with a cool shot button to set your style with a blast of cold hair and lock it into place.

“ghd re-designed the hairdryer from scratch with the launch of ghd aura® hairdryer. By studying turbulence and the physics of hair drying we created Laminair® Air Flow Technology, which aligns the flow of air - speeding up drying time and increasing shine.”

– Dr Tim Moore, ghd Chief Technology Officer

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*compared to the latest model of the leading professional brand in 2014


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