Achieve updo perfection again and again with this guide to three gorgeous top knot styles.

Whichever way you style it, the top knot is every girl’s best friend. There’s nothing easier than pulling your hair up when you’re in a pinch. Great for nipping out to the shops, hitting the gym and a fuss-free go-to for work, this reliable updo has always got your back.

But a top knot doesn’t have to just be your back-up. Bring it right into the spotlight of your styling line-up and introduce some gorgeous new looks to your updo routine, all with the top knot bun.

Use our guide as your inspiration and turn this everyday hairstyle into the ultimate hair goals.


The tousled top knot epitomises effortless glamour. Say hello to carefree vibes and easy going style with an ‘I woke up like this’ top knot that’ll revolutionise your updo game.


How to create a tousled top knot:

1. Create volume in dry hair

2. Pull up your hair into a high pony

3. Wrap your hair around the base of your high ponytail

4. Secure your top knot in place with a hair tie

step 1: Create volume in dry hair

On dry hair, generously spritz ghd final fix hairspray all over your locks before lightly backcombing with the ghd tail comb.

step 2: Pull up your hair into a high pony

Once you’ve created plenty of volume, take all of your hair up on top of your head into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Don’t worry about flyaways, these will all add to the texture and tousled finish of your final look.

step 3: Wrap your hair around the base of your high ponytail

Take your ponytail and begin to wrap it around the base you created with the hair tie. Continue to wrap all of your hair and embrace any loose strands for that coveted carefree vibe.

step 4: Secure your top knot in place with a hair tie

When you come to the ends of your hair, take another hair tie and position it at the base of your topknot, holding your hair in place. Shape your hair and slide hair pins under your top knot bun, tucking any hair in to create the final look.

Tip: For an extra touch of tousled perfection, loosen a few strands on your top knot and achieve that gorgeous undone style.


Take your top knot bun to the next level with braids. A boho braided look is a styling must-know, but combine that with a top knot and you’re onto a showstopper. Intricate and elegant, this gorgeous updo is really simple to create.


Here’s how to make a braided top knot:

1. Prep your damp hair with product

2. Straighten your locks

3. Create a high ponytail

4. Separate your locks

5. Begin your braid

6. Wrap the braid around the base

7. Secure with bobby pins

step 1: Prep your damp hair with product

Prepare your damp hair with ghd straight & tame cream before blow-drying with the ghd air professional hairdryer.

step 2: Straighten your locks

Create eye-catching sheen and reduce flyaways by straightening your hair with the ghd platinum+ styler. Take a 2-3 inch section of hair and glide the styler from root to tip. Repeat on the rest of your hair for perfectly straight locks.

step 3: Create a high ponytail

Pull your straight hair up on top of your head and secure in place with a hair tie to create a high pony. Use the ghd oval dressing brush to smooth flyaways as you go.

step 4: Separate your locks

Split your high pony into three sections.

step 5: Begin your braid

Holding two sections in one hand and one in the other, take one outside section and bring it over the middle one. Repeat this on the other side and continue to the end of the braid and finish with a hair tie.

step 6: Wrap your braid around the base

Take your braid and wrap it around the base of your high pony, layering it until you have an intricate top knot bun.

step 7: Secure with bobby pins

Once your top knot bun is in position, use hair pins to hold it in place. Slide them under the bun to conceal the pins for a perfect final style.


This messy top knot bun pairs chilled vibes with a unique upside-down braid, for a head-turning updo that is sure to wow. Not only does it look the part, it’s easy to achieve at home. Make it your new new go-to for everyday and your first port of call for stunning evening styling.


Here’s how to create an upside-down braided top knot:

1. Flip your hair over

2. Split your hair into three sections

3. Begin to braid

4. Pull in more hair on either side

5. Finish the braid

6. Create a high pony

7. Wrap your hair around the base

8. Secure it in place

step 1: Flip your hair over

With dry hair, lean forward and flip your locks over your head.

step 2: Split your hair

Take a 3-inch section of hair from the nape of your neck. Separate this into three sections of equal size.

step 3: Begin to braid

Move one of the outer sections over the middle section. Then take the other outer section and move that over the new middle section, to create a French braid.

step 4: Pull in more hair on either side

At this point take more hair from your hairline just up from the nape of your neck and add to the outer sections.

step 5: Finish the braid

Repeat steps 3 and 4, moving upwards until you reach the crown of your head. Complete your braid by tying it off with a hair tie.

step 6: Create a high pony

Sitting up straight, take the rest of your hair and pull it up to a high pony, meeting the end of your upside down braid. Use the high pony to conceal the end of your braid and hold all hair in place together with a hair tie.

step 7: Wrap your hair around the base

Begin to create a messy top knot by wrapping your hair around the base of your high pony.

step 8: Secure it in place

With a second hair tie, hold your top knot in place. Complete the look by using hair pins to create your desired shape, then push them under the bun for a natural-looking messy bun.

Tip: Keep everything in place for longer and finish with a spray of ghd final fix hairspray.

Put your trust in the top knot and breathe new life into this dependable updo. Whether you’re pushed for time or looking for an evening show stopper, it’s all on the cards with a glamorous top knot.