ghd rise hot brush


If you haven’t heard about our new volumising hot brush yet, where have you been?! The ghd rise™ has landed, and we promise, if you struggle with getting volume in your hair, this will change the game.

30% of women said they look for volume or body from their styling tool, we listened. Inspired by global demand for more volume, we spent over 570,000 hours creating our first ever volumising hot brush to give women the volume and body they dream of.

We promise it will deliver 2 x more volume than naturally dried hair, and paired with ghd root lift spray, you’ll have more height than Mount Kosciuszko (maybe not – but you get our point!).

What makes the ghd rise™ special?

ghd rise hot brush, full-bodied volume

You have a glide, you have a styler, you have a curler, and you have a hairdryer. What does rise give you that these tools don’t?

As with any ghd product, you’re getting the very best of hair technology. The round 32mm barrel is perfectly sized to glide through any hair length without tangling (and has a cool tip for safe styling), while the internal sensor delivers a consistent temperature of 185°C across the entire barrel, ensuring no one section of your hair is over-treated. The tool also boasts smooth nylon bristles that glide through your hair, ensuring no tugging or pulling.

The results are similar to a salon blow-out, giving you lift, body and shape through your lengths for a modern, chic look. Different to traditional curlers and irons, the ghd rise™ creates an airier and voluminous curl, with maximum root lift.

Piqued your interest? Let’s talk how to use it, so you can create a high-bodied style and step out like the newest gen Brigitte Bardot.

Styling with the ghd rise™

Here’s how to get the most out of your ghd rise in 10 easy steps:

Start your day the right way – with a good hair day! (not really a step but crucial to feeling fab in our opinion!)

1. After freshly washing your hair, apply ghd root lift spray to your roots.

2. Using the ghd helios™ hair dryer, blow dry your hair until completely dry.

3. Use a ghd paddle brush to brush out any tangles.

4. Section your hair. Use vertical sections for width and horizontal sections for height.

5. Taking a small section, brush the ghd rise™ through your hair to smooth.

6. Apply ghd rise™ to the mid length of the hair, wrap the hair around the barrel twice, then roll the tool toward your scalp and hold for 8 seconds. With a cool tip and nylon bristles really help avoiding accidental burns.

7. Unwind/reverse the hair from the rise. If you brush the rise through the hair, your volume/curl will be softer.

8. Repeat technique throughout your hair.

9. Brush through the ends with your fave wide tooth comb our Insta-famous ghd detangling comb.

10. Spritz your look with ghd final fix hairspray and enjoy your new killer volume!

wrap your hair around the barrel of the ghd rise
hold for 8 seconds
repeat technique throughout hair

So, our questions is…what’s not to love? Check out our socials if you have any more questions about the ghd rise™ or watch some awesome rise tutorials on our Youtube channel.



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