Scientist & ghd Vice President of Smart Devices, Dr Tim Moore, explains the science behind ghd rise™.

You said you wanted volume, we listened...Introducing the ghd rise™ volumizing hot brush! Our latest hot brush with intelligent ultra-zone technology, the ghd rise™ is a game changer for volume and body.

The ghd rise™ delivers kind-to-hair styling and long lasting results, so you can achieve 2x more volume that lasts all day without fear of heat damage or excessive backcombing, compromising the integrity of your hair. Dr Tim Moore tells us why the ghd rise™ is going to be your new best friend for high-volume hair...




ghd rise™ contains the same smart technology that is in platinum+ and curve to give you long-lasting healthy-looking results. By measuring the temperature at 250 times a second, ghd rise™ can detect changes in the amount of hair and thus make adjustments to the power, to ensure the ultimate styling temperature of 365°F is maintained all the time for best results. No other hot brush works like this.

The big innovation in ghd rise™ is the application of the smart technology that measures the temperature 250 times per second, but the bristles are also unique and innovative. We had to ensure the bristles were perfect: too long and hair tangles, too short and usage is difficult. Diameter and width of the bristles is also important: they must be thin enough to separate the hair fibers but also strong enough to create volume. A lot of research and time was spent creating the perfect bristles for ghd rise™.



ghd glide smoothing hot brush is perfect for for second day styling in a quick format and without damage. While ghd glide is focused on smoothing and straightening, the ghd rise™ is all about volume and creating movement in the hair - it answers a different need when styling hair.

Creating volume is achieved by styling the hair root so that it comes straight out of the scalp rather than at an angle. To get the hair to do this, you must style close to the root and scalp but without touching the scalp. To do this, the bristles are really important: they need to be long enough to keep the heat away from the head, but short enough to get the lift close to the hair root. Ghd rise™ has the perfect bristles for volume boosting.

The smart technology that controls the temperature at 365°F in ghd rise™ enables the tool to deliver fast and long lasting style from root to tip, without causing damage to the hair. All ghd tools maintain a constant temperature of 365°F for healthy and long lasting style.