Stay on top of your style whilst travelling with the portable and powerful ghd cordless hair straightener. The perfect tool for top-up styling when a busy schedule has you on the go.

Style short hair using the ghd unplugged to achieve this classic look. Prep damp hair with the ghd pick me up - root lift spray, then dry using the ghd helios hair dryer and detangling comb. For effortless volume, lift hair at the root and direct the airflow upwards. To straighten, angle ghd unplugged downwards at the root, working from the front to back of the hair. Create volume by turning the styler away from the face. Style forwards where the hair is shorter towards the back of the head. Finish the look with a wax product to add texture.

For luxury top-up styling, the ghd unplugged cordless hair straightener ensures every day is a good hair day - anytime, anywhere.


Step 1. Prep hair with root lift spray

Mist ghd pick me up root lift spray onto damp hair, focusing on the roots

Step 2. Dry hair with a hair dryer

Dry the hair using ghd helios and ghd detangling comb

Step 3. Create volume

Use the comb to lift the hair at the root and direct the airflow upwards to create volume

Step 4. Angle the hair straightener downwards

Starting at the front of the hair and working backwards, place ghd unplugged into the roots

Step 5. Turn the hair straightener away from the face

Rotate the styler a quarter turn away from the face to create a soft bevel to the hair and add volume

Step 6. Continue styling

Continue with this technique throughout the rest of the front section of hair

Step 7. Turn the hair straightener

At the back of the head where hair is shorter, direct the hair forwards when styling

Step 8. Apply a wax

Apply a wax product to finished hair to add texture