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Myth-Busting with ghd

Who you gonna call?

You’ve probably heard them all – “brush your hair 1000 times a day to make it grow” or “shampooing makes your hair shed”. Some hair myths have been around for so long, we don’t even know what’s fact and what’s fiction anymore! Stop worrying about your hair dilemmas as ghd’s experts sift the myths from the facts and offer some expert advice.

MYTH 1: All straighteners are created equal – they all work the same.

Adam Reed

true or false?
“This is absolutely not true. The quality of plates is very important and will determine the quality of the finish. For example. the ghd gold® styler plates are advanced and have intelligent dual-zone technology to maintain a saferfor- hair heat constantly and evenly from root to tip – this means that the temperature is maintained along the plate and so you only have to pass the hair through the plates once to style, thus reducing the amount of heat your hair is being exposed to.”

– Adam Reed, ghd global ambassador

MYTH 2: All heat styling causes permanent damage to your hair.

true or false?
"The heat and temperature of straighteners is very important - you don’t need extreme heat to get perfectly styled hair. Research has shown that 185°C is the optimum temperature for styling hair and will reduce hair breakage in comparison to other stylers working at 230°C or above. When styled at this temperature of 185°C, hair is able to enter the glass transition phase. The glass transition phase means the temperature at which a material goes from a hard or brittle state to a malleable or plastic state - so in hair styling, this is the temperature at which your hair can be styled, without damage. It’s because of this that ghd don’t offer a wide variety of temperature settings on their straighteners; any less heat and the styling process would be ineffective and moving above this heat could cause permanent damage.”

– Dr Tim Moore,, ghd Chief Technology Officer

MYTH 3: Turning up the temperature results in a longer lasting style.

true or false?
“The hottest temperature is not the key to getting your hair just how you want it. The secret is maintaining the optimum styling temperature of 185°C at all times. Intelligent dual-zone technology maintains a safer-for-hair heat of 185°C constantly and evenly from root to tip. If you use a straightener with a higher temperature you risk causing irreversible damage to the hair. Lower temperatures mean the style will not hold and you’ll be disappointed with the finished look.”

– Dr Tim Moore, ghd Chief Technology Officer

MYTH 4: The more you brush your hair, the healthier it will be.

true or false?
“Over-brushing can damage your scalp and the hair’s cuticle. Invest in a paddle brush – this is the gentlest form of brush. The big, flat shape is smoothing and antistatic. The rounded end ensures you cannot scratch the scalp and the evenly spread out plastic bristles cause less tension with fibre interaction when detangling to ensure the scalp isn’t damaged. But definitely don’t over brush your hair, your hair is delicate and should only be brushed when necessary.”

– Zoe Irwin, ghd UK ambassador

Zoe Irwin

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