ghd x Victoria Beckham AW21

ghd x Victoria Beckham AW21

Join ghd behind the scenes at London Fashion Week and discover the Victoria Beckham AW21 collection, with hair styled by ghd brand ambassador Anthony Turner.

As seen on the Victoria Beckham AW21 catwalk, the 90’s revival is here to stay. Think blunt fringes, heavy cuts and lived-in texture, but with the healthy, luxe feel that you expect from the Victoria Beckham girl. It’s ‘hair realness’ with a slept in, individual feel that session stylist Antony Turner and his team looked to create using ghd.

lived-in luxe
lived-in luxe

“Overall, it had to be very natural looking and healthy looking, with incredible shine. Of course, the times we’re living in have definitely changed attitudes when it comes to hair and beauty. I think we’ve taken the positives from that and used an element of that thinking to inform today’s hair look. It’s a little more relaxed, there’s a sense of ease of wearability. It’s worn in but still done. We still wanted it to feel like something special, even if it is the sort of look you could achieve yourself.

Working with ghd backstage and using the heat protection styling products and the platinum+ styler allowed Anthony and his team to create the look I wanted. We celebrated individual girls and their characters, and there was no better way to do that than with Anthony Turner and ghd’’ says Victoria Beckham.

on the catwalk
on the catwalk

"The inspiration behind the look is really about celebrating the girl’s individuality by looking at their hair and not really changing it too much, but just making them a better version of themselves. It’s a very easy and doable look which is totally achievable at home’’ says Anthony Turner.



“I combined two new ghd heat protection styling products to protect and prep the hair and create the perfect texture; the ghd pick me up root lift spray and the ghd bodyguard heat protect spray.”

“The ghd bodyguard spray gives great heat protection and ensures the hair doesn’t get damaged. The ghd pick me up spray gives that worn in texture. Normally, you might want to use the pick me up spray to get body and volume, but what I have found is that it gives a good day after the night before look, which is a bit worn in, cooler and a bit surfer-y, and I really enjoy that.”

step 1: prep with ghd heat protection system
step 2: dry using the ghd helios hair dryer
step 3: add movement with the ghd platinum+

2. DRY

“I used the ghd helios professional hairdryer to dry the styling products into the hair and give the hair a shiny finish overall.”


“I used the ghd platinum+ styler, which is such a versatile tool, to add a bend in the hair and give it a little bit of texture, yet still with a healthy shine. I didn’t use the styler to smooth the hair, but instead to give it a little bit of a wave and to promote natural movement.’’


backstage styling
ghd helios backstage
styling with ghd platinum+
ghd heat protection system
on the catwalk
styling with ghd platinum+
styling with ghd helios
ghd helios styling
on the catwalk



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