Did you know your hair could be damaged by product build-up which causes dangerous bacteria if you don’t wash your hair straighteners every THREE months?! Keeping your styling tools clean is just as important for hair maintenance as washing your hair, so we've consulted Steve Elstein, Vice President of product development and research at ghd, to discover his top tips for keeping your styler in pristine condition, so you can enjoy a good hair day every day.


“Ceramic plates of straighteners can harbour grime if not properly cleaned. Hairspray, oils and other heavy products can build up not only on your hair, but on your tools too, on top of oils that are secreted from your scalp, which can damage your locks if the device is not regularly cleansed.

Unplug from mains power supply and wait till cooled down. Wipe the outside of the ghd styler with a damp cloth. Do not use sharp or abrasive detergents or corrosive products and never immerse the appliance in water. Allow to dry for a couple of hours before plugging in and using and only do so when it is dry. You should never use water or water-based cleaners to clean your styler – this is a very dangerous practice. Also, we wouldn’t recommend wipes unless they are organic and biodegradable since they typically contain plastic.” says Steve Elstein, Vice President of product development and research at ghd. 

And it doesn’t just stop with your tools. The same concept applies to your brushes, which should be regularly cleansed to prevent product and oils from being transferred back onto your locks.

Take it from the experts and spring clean your styling tools to keep your hair feeling and looking salon fresh!