Guarantee the spotlight stays firmly on you by using the ghd curve® creative curl wand and this step-by-step guide to create a disco-worthy party hairstyle.

Bring a touch of ‘70s glamour to your hair by creating dancefloor-worthy disco curls. If you’re going on a girls’ night out or heading to a special occasion, voluminous curly locks will make your mane the centre of attention. With top tips and styling essentials from ghd, your party hairstyle will stay defined all night long.

Inspired by the divas of the dancefloor, disco hairstyles epitomise everything about a night out. Big bouncing curls are all about capturing the fun, excitement and drama of a party.

Get voluminous curls by preparing your hair with the ghd curl hold spray, then curl your hair to a salon-quality finish with the ghd curve® creative curl wand to achieve the perfect disco luxe finish. Follow our step-by-step guide to create this gorgeous party hairstyle yourself.



1. Spray hair with curl hold spray

2. Wrap hair around wand

3. Repeat throughout the hair

4. Apply smooth and finish serum

step one: Spray hair with curl hold spray

Take a section of hair and lightly mist with ghd curl hold spray. Work product throughout the hair with hands.

step two: Wrap hair around wand

Take a one-inch section of hair and wrap it around the barrel of the ghd curve® creative curl wand. Hold the hair on the wand for around five to eight seconds, then release and leave to cool.

step three: Repeat throughtout the hair

Repeat throughout your locks until all the hair has been curled.

Tip: To help make styling your hair easier, section the hair into smaller sections before you begin styling, working through a section at a time.

step four: Apply smooth and finish serum to finish

Massage ghd style smooth & finish serum into your hands, then run fingers through the hair to break up the curls, and smooth flyaways, creating defined curls you can rock all night long.

Perfect your party hairstyle for your next event or big night out and rock this look right through ‘til dawn. With the perfect styling technique and the ghd toolkit at your disposal, you will turn-heads from the moment you step foot on the dance floor.