The hairstyle at the forefront of 80s fashion is making a big comeback with a modern makeover – get ready to take on the hair perm.

A landmark look of the 80s, permed hair was outrageous, bold and memorable. Now it’s back and stylists are welcoming this statement look with open arms, reinventing it in a number of modern ways. Say hello to big volume, big attitudes and rippling rock-able locks that will transform your hair.



Everything about the 80s was bright and exciting – and the hairstyles were no exception. Perms were the definitive on-trend style of the moment. Straight hair was out and voluminous bouncing curls were firmly in.

Known for its untameable volume and tight curls, the perm is easily recognisable. It fanned out in every direction, combining a variety of twists and twirls to increase size and sass. Made to be shaken loose and perfect for rocking-out, the hair perm was a powerful style sensation that put a strut in the stride of millions of women.

Permed hair dominated an era, making an impression in cult-classic films and taking over the glam rock and pop scenes of the time. Completely coveted and easy to create, the fashion-forward generation of the 80s brought the electrifying style to life.

A hair craze like no other, the perm has secured its place in the hairstyle hall of fame under the section marked ‘attitude’.



Now, three decades later, the perm is back with a contemporary twist. Break out of convention and try permed hair for yourself, bringing volume right into the 21st century.

Modernised and adopting a new shape and style, the permed hair of today is not the untameable look of the past. The new take embraces looser curls, meaning the size and shape of your hair perm is totally up to you. A catwalk regular and a street style to capture, today’s perm is glamour, effortlessness and sophistication unbound.

This revised look is great for many hair lengths and helps create a smooth, modern look for practically everyone. You can create glossy voluminous curls in shorter hair, textured twisting tresses for mid-length and tumbling twirls for longer locks.

Contemporary perms emanate effortless volume for a big, breezy and smooth style. With ammonia staying firmly in the past, you can create a healthier, glossy look with innovative ghd stylers and curlers.



Take on this hair sensation and recreate the hair perm in your own way. Break out of your styling routine and get ready to rock dramatic curls and vivid volume by revolutionising your look with the help of your ghd styling kit and step-by-step guide.

step 1: Decide on your style. It’s up to you whether you want big cascading curls or a tighter twist. For something soft and tumbling, opt for the ghd curve® soft curl tong. Or, if tighter spirals are the look for you, use the ghd curve® creative curl wand.

step 2: Prep dry hair with a light mist of the ghd curly ever after - curl hold spray to create a curl that won’t let you down. Make sure the product is spread evenly through your hair before you start to style.

Tip: Use the ghd tail comb to disperse the spray evenly from root to tip.

step 3: Take a 1-2 inch section of hair and wind it around the barrel of your curling tong, holding for 5-8 seconds to create a defined, lasting curl.

step 4: Repeat on all your hair until you have a head of bouncing curls.

Tip: Create curls in different directions for a big, textured look.

step 5: Apply a spritz of ghd perfect ending - final fix spray to keep your look locked in.

step 6: Run your hands through your hair, using your fingers to break up curls to create added volume and smooth any flyaways for a sleek finish.

Tip: For extra root volume, prepare your damp hair with some ghd pick me up - root lift spray, for body and lift to transform your perm.

Let the curves and curls of modern permed hair put a twist on your styling routine when you take on this innovative reinvention of an iconic look. Go retro and stay totally on-trend with your own take on a classic hair perm.