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ghd x Lulu Guinness at LFW AW18

Go behind the scenes at London Fashion Week with ghd 

On 17th February 2018 in New York, we joined forces with Lulu Guinness to create an 80s inspired hair look for the Lulu Guinness AW18 London Fashion Week presentation, the brand’s first LFW showcase in it’s 28 year history.

Lead by ghd UK ambassador, Zoe Irwin, the hair look was inspired by iconic 80s film ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’.

“80's hair is having a real revival at the moment, so we have created a twisted, disco look that feels free and bouncy, with great height and volume. The hair looks and feeling glossy and healthy, as opposed to the original crispy curls of the era.” – Zoe Irwin

Defined curls were created by twisting and wrapping hair around the ghd curve® creative curl wand, rather than flat wrapping, this created a spiral effect. To complete the look, hair was twisted up at the nape of the neck and tipped over onto the crown of the head. Steven Jones turban headbands added a finishing touch to some of the looks.

“For this season, we are curling the full length of the hair for the ultimate bubble curl rather than leaving ends soft or straight like we have seen in previous seasons.” – Zoe Irwin


1. Prep hair with ghd root lift spray and ghd curl hold spray

2. Create volume and texture in the hair using the ghd air® hair dryer and ghd air® diffuser

3. Taking small sections, twist and wrap hair around the tip of the ghd curve® creative curl wand – this is the smallest part of the wand so will create a tight, spiral curl

4. Once hair is curled, release and shake out with the head upside down to add more volume

5. With the head tilted back, wrap hair from the nape, working towards the crown and rolling the hair in an upwards motion

6. Pin into place at the back of the head and toss the curls forward towards the hairline

7. Arrange and secure any loose curls on the head with pins

8. Finish with a mist of ghd final fix hairspray

9. Finally add the Steven Jones Turban Headband accessory to complete the look

For afro hair - Reform and exaggerate natural texture and movement:

1. Add ghd root lift spray and diffuse hair using the ghd air® hair dryer and ghd air® diffuser

2. Twist wrap hair around the end of a metal pin tail comb and add heat by gently clamping the ghd gold® styler on top

3. Pull out the hair and separate to form unison with the rest of the curls




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