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Join ghd behind the scenes at Milan Fashion Week and take a look at Elisabetta Franchi's SS19 collection, with hair styled by Franco Gobbi.

“For this show we envisioned two looks, following the style of the woman from which Elisabetta Franchi took inspiration: sophisticated and aware of her own beauty, which she emphasises with her stylistic choices also in the hairstyling.”
Comments from backstage of the SS19 collection by Franco Gobbi - lead hairstylist of the ghd team, also in charge of the models preparation on this occasion.

“On one side, a topknot of contrasts: firm and seamless, with no imperfections, placed high on the head, the bun is very tight yet messy, not defined, loose. On the other side, a delicate and loose hairdo, starting from the natural texture of the hair of the models, following the waves and emphasising them with ghd tools. The waves are irregular, similarly to releasing hair after an updo or a ponytail. A magic touch is revealed just around the face: a strategic wave at the same height of facial feature which requires highlighting and framing – the cheekbones, eyes or mouth”.

Franco Gobbi - ghd lead hairstylist

“These looks advocate the trend of aesthetic individualism, which favours natural beauty, and complements the look instead of trying to outshine the garment. Both perfect for the day by day of the next season, but also for a summer night, thanks to the spontaneous elegance of the unrefined”.
ghd platinum+ is extremely practical and versatile, able to craft both smooth, straight hair and waves of different effect and dimensions”.

Franco Gobbi - ghd lead hairstylist

Get the Look:

Messy Bun

Dry hair is brushed back with ghd Oval Dressing Brush after having spritzed the brush with ghd Final Fix Spray, in order to avoid leaving residue and also tame the shorter or electric hair which would otherwise be left out from the up-do.
The effect needs to be very defined, in contrast with the bun itself, high on the head: hair is kept with the hand, tightly on the base with a hair band bungee. Once the hand is removed a smooth and slightly messy, very natural hairstyle is revealed.

Loose With Waves

Apply ghd Root Lift Spray on the roots to give volume and add texture to the hair. Start by brushing hair backwards using hands and after work on the front hair strands. With a central parting, the upper strand is pushed forward and is styled using ghd Air® hair dryer, with airflow from the top down to create a wave that comes towards the forehead for a vintage feel. The lock between the temple and the ears is styled to create another wave at the height of the face feature to be highlighted. The rest of the hair is styled with ghd platinum+ to create grunge, smooth, irregular and natural waves.



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