A quirky quiff works for day or night. Create this voluminous look for everything from a day in the office to drinks on a Friday night - with our step-by-step tutorial. 

Once you master the quiff hairstyle, there’s no stopping you. This high volume look is sure to turn heads and get you noticed. Perfect for short hair, the quiff look packs a style statement with a great edgy vibe.

The ghd styling range can help you achieve this striking style, prepping the hair with product to create a base of volume, followed by salon standard tools to help you follow your short hair inspiration, at home. Follow the steps below and find out how to get volume in short hair with this quiff look. 

step one: Prep hair with volumising products 

Work a generous amount of ghd total volume foam through damp hair, concentrating on the roots.  

step two: Blow-dry your locks   

Dry in the product with your ghd air® hairdryer using a low heat and speed setting, directing the air flow towards the back of the head. 

step three: Create a section for your quiff  

Create a V-section at the front of your hair, with the widest part at your hairline, and clip out of the way. This will be used to create your quiff later. 

step four: Brush and smooth the sides of your hair  

With the lengths of your hair, smooth back the sides with the ghd oval dressing brush, pulling the hair into ponytail, don’t secure this. 

step five: Twist the hair into a French Pleat  

Loosely twist your ‘pony’ upwards to create a faux French Pleat. Keep twisting until only the ends are left. Pin along the pleat to secure, then tuck in the ends and pin those in place, too. 

 Tip: For short hairstyles, messily pin the lengths of your hair down at the back of your head, for an effortlessly cool finish. 

step six: Unpin the front section and backcomb 

Remove the pins from your front section and using the ghd narrow dressing brush, backcomb the hair until it stands on its own. Hold the hair vertically up, then start at the root of the hair and work your way up the lengths.

step seven: Craft your quiff  

Mist the backcombed hair with ghd Final Fix hairspray before finishing the style by smoothing over with your hands. Pin longer lengths underneath by smoothing over the quiff and rolling the hair under at the back.  

Achieve this high impact look in a few simple steps, adding a statement hairstyle to your styling skills.   




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