Meet Becksy Silverwood, a professional dancer with a significant life story to share with you all. She is our awe-inspiring muse for this year's ghd Pink 2023 collection.




To say that the ghd community regard Becksy as an inspiration' would be an understatement. Each and every year, we are deeply touched by the bravery of our muses who are living with, or beyond, breast cancer. In casting actors to recreate Becksy's story, we have elevated the storytelling to an intimate and personal level.

Becksy, we sincerely thank you for sharing your experience with us all and for being so willing to let us step through your journey to life after cancer.


To set the scene, Becksy was a late 20's, fit, professional dancer, living in busy London with her best friend. Dreaming of a career in dance, teaching fitness classes and auditioning for the biggest shows in town, Becksy really was living her best life. Until one day, whilst performing a routine self-check, Becksy found a pronounced lump in her right breast - suddenly everything changed.

With encouragement from her boyfriend Dean, family and friends, Becksy visited the GP, who referred her to the hospital. Whilst there, she had ultrasounds, followed by a mammogram and a biopsy. Facing her most challenging life chapter yet, the two week wait for the results felt never-ending.

On hearing her diagnosis, all of her fears were confirmed. Becksy had breast cancer aged just 29 years old. A long and draining six months ensued with Becksy undergoing a lumpectomy, followed by fertility treatment, then four rounds of chemotherapy and a course of radiotherapy.


Determined to face cancer head on, Becksy opted for a cold cap to prevent hair loss during her chemotherapy treatment. Journaling and spiritual meditation filled her time and dance was replaced with pilates and breath work. Becksy found a positive mindset was vital and helped her through some of her darkest days.

After months of treatment and a hugely emotional journey, Becksy finally heard the words that will stick with her forever - ’you have no evidence of disease’.
Today in 2023, Becksy has returned to what she loves most - dancing full time. She is engaged to Dean and embracing everything that life has to offer.

Becksy has shared her story with ghd so that other young women know the importance of Taking Control Now, by self-checking and being breast aware.