Style a cool, modern high top look with ghd global brand ambassador Charlotte Mensah's how-to guide and join us in celebrating 20 years of good hair days.

Charlotte styled this lifted look for the ghd 20th Anniversary campaign using the ghd helios™ hair dryer, the ghd comb nozzle attachment and the ghd gold® hair straightener. Start by misting your hair with a leave in conditioner, then comb before blow drying using the ghd helios™ and comb nozzle to lift your hair. Once the hair is dry, comb again with the ghd tail comb before passing the ghd gold® over each section of the hair just once. Blow dry again to shape the hair into a high top style for a chic, lift style.

Style yourself a runway look with lift and body for high-glamour vibes.


Modern_High_Top_Hair_Step_1.jpgStep 1:

Prep damp hair with leave in conditioner

Evenly apply a leave in conditioner spray to damp hair.
Modern_High_Top_Hair_Step_2.jpgStep 2:

Detangle your hair and section into 4 quarters

Using the ghd detangling comb, begin to detangle your hair starting at the ends and working towards the root. Then, section your hair into 4 quarters.
Modern_High_Top_Hair_Step_3.jpgStep 3:

Dry your hair using ghd helios™ and the ghd hair dryer comb nozzle

Place the ghd helios™ with the ghd hair dryer comb nozzle into the roots of the hair and gently comb through the hair whilst drying to stretch out the texture.
Modern_High_Top_Hair_Step_4.jpgStep 4:

Further lift you hair with the ghd gold® hair straightener

Continue until your hair is fully dry and then further smooth and stretch out your hair using the ghd gold® hair straightener.
Modern_High_Top_Hair_Step_5.jpgStep 5:

Shape your hair

Using an afro pick comb, stretch and shape your hair into place, applying edging gel on the side to secure.
Modern_High_Top_Hair_Step_6.jpgStep 6:

Finish with the ghd shiny ever after - final shine spray

Finish the look by misting ghd shiny ever after - final shine spray onto your hair in light layers.