How to: Knotted braid hairstyle

Let ghd be your plait guru and teach you how to create this effortless knotted braided hairstyle.

Who says braid hairstyles have to be casual? Achieve this intricate looking style with this elegant knotted braid updo and the ghd style guide. It may look complex, but this style can be created in no time, perfect for those spontaneous moments.

Simply work your way down the length of your hair, knotting as you go along, before rolling your braided hair up and tucking it away. Best for those hot summer nights and keeping your hair off your neck, this is a braided hairstyle not to be passed up on.

Learn how to braid hair into this chic simple updo, mastering the knotted braid, with this ghd how-to video.


1. Split hair into two

2. Create a knot

3. Add to each section from both sides and knot again

4. Repeat knot down head and tie with elastic

5. Roll under the nape and secure with grip to create an effortless knotted braid up-do

step one: Split hair into two and knot

Starting at the crown, take two two-inch sections of hair from each side of the top of your head.

step two: Add to each section from both sides and knot again

Cross one section over the top of the other. Then move the same section under and through the loop you’ve created at the top, pull tight to form a knot of hair.

step three: Add to each section from both sides and knot again

Take another one-inch section of hair from both sides of the head, just under your first knot, and add it to the hair from your first knot. Starting with the same section from your last knot, cross over and create another knot by following step two on the new section of hair.

step four: Repeat knot down head and tie with elastic

Continue steps one and two down the entire head, gradually adding hair to the previous knots, until the ends. Then secure in place with an elastic tie.

step five: Roll under the nape and secure with grip

To finish the braided hairstyle, roll the ends of the braid up to the nape and tuck underneath, using a grip to secure it in place.

Tip: conceal the hair grip within your locks to create a flawless finish. Gently pull at the hairstyle to help conceal your grips.

Whether you’re heading to that big meeting at the office or out for drinks on an evening, this look will help you slay. Embrace this gorgeous braided hairstyle and transform your look into an intricate looking style.

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