ghd technique:
Skeleton Braid

Achieve a show-stopping look and find out how to braid hair into the sultry skeleton style.

Become the leader of the next generation of plaits with the skeleton braid. Don’t conform to tight braid hairstyles – loose and breezy braids epitomise the boho chic feel of festivals and summer. But this braid hairstyle doesn’t have an undone finish – let this edgy yet elegant style give you a reason for unabashed selfies.

Make the formal, informal, with a braid hairstyle that’s uber-cool and super-chic – the skeleton braid. 

Here’s how to create a skeleton braid

1. Section at crown and split hair into three

2. Start braid in French plait style

3. Continue down head

4. Repeat and secure

5. Secure braid at crown  

step one: Section at crown and split hair into three

Starting at the crown, section the hair and split into three equal parts. 

step two: Start braid in French plait style

Begin to braid adding a small veil of hair from each side as if you were creating a French plait.

step three: Continue down head

Work your way down your head, always adding a small veil of hair to the braid as you go.

step four: Repeat and secure

Repeat step three until you reach the hair ends, then secure in place with a small hair elastic to create your braid hairstyle.

step five: Secure braid at crown  

For extra graphic finish to your braided hair, lift the skeleton braid up and secure up at the crown with a hair pin.

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