Mix up your morning style routine and transform your lengthy locks with these easy hairstyles for long hair.

Longer tresses can be seriously versatile, but it’s easy to get stuck in a styling rut when time is in short supply. With our guide to easy hairstyles for long hair, you can grab a few extra moments of beauty sleep and transform your look with minimal effort.

Say goodbye to fussing in front of the mirror and say hello to quick and easy styles.


Don’t underestimate the styling benefits of simple double braids. Take this old school classic to the next level and embrace a cool, carefree style.



STEP 1: Create a centre parting Use the ghd tail comb to create a centre parting.

STEP 2: Take one side and separate it into three sections Pick up one of your sections and split it into three equal parts.

STEP 3: Begin to plait Use a traditional three strand technique to create your braid. Cross one of the outer sections over the middle, so it becomes the middle piece. Then, take the other outer section and cross it over this new middle piece.

STEP 4: Secure the ends Use a hair tie to keep your finished plait in place.

STEP 5: Repeat on the other side Take the other half of your hair and repeat steps 2-4.

STEP 6: Finish with a mist of product Once you have two plaits, keep every hair in place and generously spray your locks with ghd final fix hairspray.


Effortlessly cool and easy to create, this look has long secured its name as a must know easy hairstyles for long hair. Packing volume, texture and sass into a simple updo is the perfect recipe for styling success.



STEP 1: Prep your hair with product  On dry, clean hair generously spritz ghd curl hold spray throughout. 

STEP 2: Take a small section of hair  Select a 1-2 inch section of your hair to begin styling. 

STEP 3: Create waves Wrap this section around the barrel of your ghd curve® classic wave wand. Hold it in place for 5-8 seconds to create defined waves. 

STEP 4: Repeat throughout your locks Go over steps 2 and 3 throughout your hair until you have a head full of waves. 

STEP 5: Add volume to your roots Spritz ghd root lift spray into your roots and gently backcomb to add a little extra volume and texture to the final look. 

STEP 6: Sweep you hair into a high pony Take all of your hair and pull it up into a high pony. Secure it in place with a hair tie.   

STEP 7: Lock in the style with product Keep your look in place all day long with a final mist of ghd final fix hairspray. 


Simple elegance is paired with relaxed boho chic in this stunning updo for longer locks. It’s a combination you’ll love and an easy hairstyle for long hair that you can bring to life in no time.



STEP 1: Create a deep side parting Use the ghd tail comb to section off a deep side parting. 

STEP 2: Take a section from your parting On the thicker side of your parting, take a section of hair about 1 inch deep and 3 inches along your hairline. 

STEP 3: Twist this section away from your face Once you have your section, slowly twist it up and away from your face until you have a strong twist. 

STEP 4: Pull more hair into your twist Continue to move down your hairline, pulling more hair into your section, twisting as you go.  

STEP 5: Pin your twist behind your ear Keep going until your twist goes from your parting to behind your ear. At this point, use pins to hold it in place, ensure the hair pins are concealed within your hair. 

STEP 6: Bring the rest of your hair to one side Take all of your hair and move it to the side where your twist ends.  

STEP 7: Separate it into three equal sections Split your hair into three sections. 

STEP 8: Begin to plait Start your plait by taking the three sections you’ve created and crossing an outer section over the middle. Then take the other outer section and place it over this new middle section.

STEP 9: Continue until you reach the ends Repeat the process in step 8 until you come to the ends of your hair, then secure the plait in place with a hair tie.