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Twisted Pony

The Double Ponytail

Turn heads with an extreme double pony - a millennial take on the traditional ponytail. This look gives off a strong kawaii punk hair vibe, a style with full-on attitude.

Pairing high pigtails with an glossy shine makes for the perfect hairstyle for the modern girl. Think outside the box with your next updo hairstyle and don’t conform to the ponytail norm. 

Achieving this super sleek double ponytail hairstyle is simple thanks to the new and improved ghd gold® styler. With dual-zone technology and the optimum styling temperature of 185°C, the styler effortlessly glides through your hair to create a lustrous finish.  

Prepping your hair with ghd straight & smooth spray and the ghd air® hairdryer will give you the perfect base for this straight hairstyle.  Add a touch of shimmer to your tresses with ghd final shine spray to finish off your updo. 

Bring uber-cool styling to your lookbook this season with this double pony updo hairstyle. Learn how to get these hip, high pigtails in our latest how-to guide. 


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Double Pony

Here’s how to create a double ponytail hairstyle

1. Prep hair with straight and smooth spray

2. Dry product with hairdryer and paddle brush

3. Create a centre parting

4. Brush hair into two pigtails

5. Take elastics and place at the base of one of your pigtails

6. Tie elastic in criss-cross down the pigtail

7. Glide styler through your extensions

8. Wind extensions up pigtail, securing as you go

9. Secure your extension at the top of your pigtail

10. Wrap a piece of hair around the pony

11. Spray with final fix hairspray

12. Rub the plates of your styler on the hairspray

13. Repeat steps 5-12 on the other side

14. Spray shine spray on your fingers or a brush

15. Smooth down flyaways

step one: Prep hair with smooth and straight spray

step one: Prep hair with straight and smooth spray

Spritz ghd straight & smooth spray onto your tresses. It’s the perfect product when it comes to creating straight hairstyles, helping create a smooth finish.

step two: Dry product in with hairdryer and brush

step two: Dry the product with a hairdryer and paddle brush

Use the ghd air® hairdryer and ghd paddle brush to dry the product through your tresses. This will leave hair smooth, silky and ready to style.

Tip: Use the nozzle to help direct the airflow of your hairdryer and achieve a shinier finish.

step three: Create centre parting

step three: Create a centre parting

Use the point of your ghd tail comb to part your hair straight down the middle, leaving two equal amounts of hair on either side.

step four: Brush hair into two pigtails

step four: Brush hair into pigtails

Use the ghd oval dressing brush to create two high, tight pigtails above your ears. Secure in place with a hair elastic.

step five: Take long elastics and place midpoint at base of tail

step five: Take elastic and place at the base of one of your pigtail

This elastic will be used to tie the pigtail into a tight, straight bunch - ready for your hair extension to be wrapped around it.

step six: Tie elastic in criss-cross technique down pigtail

step six: Tie elastic in a criss-cross down pigtail

Starting from the base, twist the elastic around and down the pigtail. This will twist hair into a tight bunch and keep it secured. Tie the elastic in a knot at the end to secure it.

step seven: Glide styler through hair extensions

step seven: Glide styler through your extensions 

Create a smooth, straight hairstyle by running the ghd gold® styler from the top to the ends of your hair extensions. Choose ones that match the colour of your hair for a flawless finish. 

step eight: Wind weft up pigtail, securing as you go up

step eight: Wind extensions up pigtail, securing as you go

Take one side of your hair extension and, starting from the bottom, wind it around the pigtail. Secure it as you work your way up at every fourth wind with a small hair grip.

step nine: Secure weft at top of pigtail

step nine: Secure your extension at the top of your pigtail

Once you reach the top of your pigtail, secure the extension in place with a hair grip.  

step ten: Wrap piece of hair around pony

step ten: Wrap a piece of hair around the pony

Create a truly flawless finish for this double ponytail hairstyle by taking a 1-inch piece of hair and wrapping it around the base of the pigtail. This will make it sit proud from the head, resulting in a bold look.  

step eleven: Coat with final fix hairspray

step eleven: Spray with final fix hairspray

Rather than using a pin or clip, spray the wrapped hair with ghd final fix hairspray to secure it in place.

step twelve: Rub styler plates on hairspray

step twelve: Rub your styler plates on the hairspray

Rub the ghd gold® styler plates over the hairspray for a secure and high gloss vinyl finish.

step thirteen: Repeat steps 5-12 on other side

step thirteen: Repeat steps 5-12 on the other side of your head

Create the same look on the other side of your head, following the steps above again.

step fourteen: Spray shine spray on fingers or brush

step fourteen: Spray shine spray on your fingers or a brush

Spritz ghd final shine spray onto your fingers or a ghd oval paddle brush.

step fifteen: Smooth flyaways

step fifteen: Smooth down flyaways

Use your fingers or the brush to gently tame any flyaways and achieve a flawless, glossy finish.

Get ready to turn heads with this bold ponytail hairstyle. It’s daring enough for a night time look or to make a statement when you’re heading into the office.



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