Stylish bun hairstyles
for every occasion

Dare to try something new when it comes to your simple bun style. Shake up the look with braids, volume and all-out glamour.

The classic bun is a reliable hairstyle for every girl’s hair arsenal, perfect when you’re in a rush and need a no-fuss look. Adored for decades for its effortless nature, the beauty of the bun is it’s always in fashion.

Dressed up or down, this versatile updo isn’t contained to just one look. Go polished with a sleek ballet bun, boho with a braided updo or edgy with a tousled pair.

Upgrade the traditional bun with these gorgeous bun hairstyles – you’ll find a different look that’ll work for every occasion.


Best for: The office

The fashion world has been having a love affair with the topknot. Sleek and simple, all you need to achieve the look yourself is to pull your locks into a ponytail and twist it into a gravity-defying topknot. The higher, the better.


Best for: Everyday style

Step out of the box with a chic braided bun. Inspired by boho style while retaining a classic shape, this hairstyle is an easy way to get creative with your tresses. Simply pull your locks into a ponytail, plait the loose ends and wrap around the base to form a bun style.

Image: @ghdspain

Upside down French braid bun

Best for: Work and play

Give your hair extra dimension with an upside down French braid updo. Combining a chic plait with a chunky doughnut bun, the style provides a different look from front to back. It’s occasion-worthy from one angle and laid back boho style from the other – perfect for day-to-night styling.


Best for: Party glamour

Make a nod to the 90s with an edgy pair of space buns. Embrace the vintage vibes and wear the cute style high for a bold look that’ll turn heads. Tease them, spray them with glitter or slick them back for your own take on the super-hot trend.

Image: @mollieking


Best for: Date night

The side bun is no stranger to red carpet events. Graceful and elegant, it’s a favourite look among Hollywood’s hottest starlets. Sweeping your hair off your shoulders can help keep you cool plus it doesn’t take hours to create. Keep it low and loosen tendrils at the front for maximum romance.

Image: @alba.ghd


Best for: Wedding beauty

Inject beautiful texture with a jaw-dropping fishtail bun. This seriously gorgeous updo is bound to enjoy a flood of compliments. Ethereal and dramatic, this intricate braided style is a match made in heaven if you’re looking for a glamorous occasion style.

Image: @alba.ghd


Best for: Statement chic

Wrap your way to bun beauty with this rope braid style. Elegant and feminine, fashion your hair into this rose-inspired style for a versatile look, whatever the occasion.


Best for: Laidback luxe

The key to this messy bun hairstyle is all-out texture. The undone look is bursting with volume and is seriously easy to recreate. Tease your locks first with the ghd tail comb before pulling it up high into a messy updo. Once secured, use your fingers to gently play with the bun and loosen tendrils to perfect the look.


Best for: Making an impression

For a polished finish, pull your tresses back into this classic bun hairstyle. The timeless updo exudes elegance and remains a frontier of the fashion world. To truly master the style, ensure locks are glossy by misting ghd final shine spray all over.


Best for: Girls' night out

Maximise the height of your bun with a voluminous bouffant twist. Gorgeous and easy to create, the look blends a bun and a quiff to achieve a full-volume updo. To give the style extra fullness, apply ghd total volume foam to damp locks before blow-drying.

Image: @alba.ghd


Best for: Relaxed glamour

Switch things up with a twisted bun style. Elegant and undeniably pretty, this updo is seriously easy to create. Twist and tame your tresses to form this style, before securing with hair pins.

Don’t just stick to one hairdo – let our collection of bun hairstyles lead you through a style evolution. Inspiring looks for all occasions, the simple updo has never been more adaptable.


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