Vintage hairstyles can be super simple to master. Choose your favourite from these easy tutorials and channel your inner Hollywood siren.

Retro glamour has become a timeless fashion statement. From Brigitte Bardot’s tousled beehive to Grace Kelly’s gentle curls, vintage hairstyles never fail to add instant romance to any look.

Whether you’re aiming for bold victory rolls or dreamy relaxed waves, classic hairdos can be done without handfuls of pins and rollers. Vintage hairstyles can be achieved in minutes, especially with a little help from the ghd range of professional stylers and products.

Make a statement by bringing a touch of old school glamour to your everyday style. For your next retro-inspired look, these four vintage hairstyles are the simplest way to achieve pin-up beauty, even when you’re short on time.



Hollywood waves are the softer, glossier sister of the 20s finger wave. Our range of ghd wands and tongs have been designed to create perfect old-school volume, for waves that last all day. Here’s how to create them:

step 1: Find your side parting and clip the thicker section of your hair up.

Tip: Channel the iconic ‘peekaboo’ waves of Veronica Lake by creating a deep side parting before you begin.

step 2: Take the remaining section of hair above the ear and mist lightly with ghd curly ever after - curl hold spray.

step 3: Wrap hair over the ghd curve® classic wave wand, keeping it flat on the barrel to create the first curl. Hold in place with the styler at a diagonal angle for five to eight seconds to create a deep wave.

step 4: Repeat this technique throughout your hair.

step 5: Use a ghd paddle brush to gently brush your curls into waves, starting from the root to the end.

step 6: Pin back one side of your parting with a couple of pins and apply ghd dramatic ending - smooth & finish serum to create softness and shine.



The victory roll can be one of the easiest vintage hairstyles to create. Whether you have long or short hair, fringe or no fringe, this 40s classic adds effortless drama to an outfit. Here’s how to do it yourself:

step 1: Prep damp hair with ghd body goals - total volume foam and dry in using the ghd air® hair dryer.

step 2: Separate the front of your hair from the back, using the tips of your ears as a marker. Roughly clip back the rear section and comb out the front.

step 3: Start your first victory roll by taking a front section of hair and pulling it up and away from your head.

step 4: Wrap the tip of this section of hair around a ghd curve® classic curl tong and roll towards your scalp. Hold for five to eight seconds to create a defined curl.

step 5: Gently remove the curl from the tong and pin the inside edge to your head. Repeat on the other side.

step 6: Feel free to tease the outside edge of the curl to shape the roll. To finish, spritz the roll generously with ghd perfect ending - final fix hairspray for a long-lasting hold.

Tip: For a playful 50s update, try incorporating a scarf worn like an Alice band.



The secret to big hair is all in the products you use. For a beehive to rival Audrey Hepburn’s, strong hairspray is your best friend. Style it smooth and sleek or throw it up in tousled glory – there are plenty of ways you can play around with this iconic updo. Here’s one idea to get you started:

step 1: Separate the front of your hair from the back, using the tips of your ears as a marker. Clip the top section back temporarily.

step 2: Pull the bottom section of your hair together as if you’re doing a low ponytail. Twist upwards, tucking everything inward to hide the roll, the pin securely.

step 3: Take down the top section of your hair and backcomb throughout using a ghd narrow dressing brush.

step 4: Mould your beehive into shape by gently smoothing the brush over the volume you’ve created.

step 5: Use pins to secure any stray hairs.

step 6: Smooth over any lumps and bumps with the brush, then mist generously with ghd perfect ending - final fix hairspray to hold in place.

Tip: Go OTT with your backcombing – the more volume you get, the easier your beehive will be to create.



Side swept vintage hairstyles are an A-list favourite. Easy-going but ultra-glam, the hairdo often requires little more than some pins placed at the nape of your neck. We’ve added lustrous curls to this look for maximum screen siren appeal.

step 1: Create a side parting. Take a section of hair above the ear and prep with ghd curly ever after - curl hold spray, twisting hair away from your face.

step 2: Wrap a one-inch section around the barrel of the ghd curve® classic curl tong, hold for five to eight seconds and release.

step 3: Continue curling in same direction all the way round the head. For the front section of hair, start twisting and curling from eye-level.

step 4: Once the hair has cooled, lightly brush through the ringlets using the ghd paddle brush, creating volume at the crown of your head.

step 5: Using both hands, twist the hair from your smaller side parting and pin in place. Finish with ghd final fix hairspray to set your look.

Tip: For a smoother side-sweep, use the ghd paddle brush to firmly brush hair from the crown up and over.

Tumbling waves, deep side partings and sultry beehives - vintage hairstyles are the easiest way to add a movie-star edge to your style. Master these timeless looks and pair with a simple red pout for the ultimate beauty power combo.