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How-to Hairstyles:
The Dream Dry

Our how to blow-dry hair step-by-step guide makes the most of your ghd styler and ghd air® hairdryer features, so whatever your hair type, you'll see lustrous results.

Bring enviable volume to your locks with the help of your ghd toolkit. Tame flyaways and achieve a sleek finish with this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide.

Using the ghd air® hairdryer, you can achieve salon worthy style at home. The 2,100W professional-strength motor creates a high pressured air flow, so you can get gorgeous looking hair in half the time. Pair this with some styling prep and you’ll have a lustrous glossy finish to your blow-dry in just a few simple steps.

Find out how to do an easy blow-dry to leave you with a cool, straight hair look.


1. Prep damp hair with product
2. Blow-dry hair
3. Smooth hair with styler
4. Style the front sections
5. Finish with product

step one: Prep damp hair with product

Protect your locks before blow-drying and create a long-lasting salon finish by spritzing damp hair with ghd straight and smooth spray. Apply between 4-6 sprays to damp hair and comb through with the ghd detangling comb for even coverage from root to tip.

step two: Blow-dry hair

For best results, section your hair before blow drying. Section into a top and bottom section, then take smaller sections and blow-dry with the ghd air® hairdryer. Use the ghd paddle brush to pick up the section of hair, then follow down the lengths with the hairdryer. The hairdryer’s nozzle allows for concentrated air-flow to achieve a sleek, straight finish.

Tip: Finish your blow-dry with the cool shot button for added gloss to your hairstyle.

step three: Smooth hair with styler

Glide your ghd platinum+ styler over small sections of your hair to enhanced that polished finish. Glide the styler from root to tip, working around the head until hair is straight and sleek.

step four: Style the front sections

When you get to the front your hair, use your styler to create a slight flick. Place a 1-2 inch section of hair between the plates and turn the styler 90° at the cheekbones, before pulling down the lengths of the hair.

step five: Finish with product

Finish the look with a spritz of ghd style final shine spray to add a glossy shine and help lock in your look.

Tip: Lock the finished look in place for longer by spraying your hair with ghd final fix hairspray. Mist the humidity-resistant spray generously over your tresses to keep it free flyaway hairs.

Get voluminous locks and rock that glossy-looking finish with the help of ghd. Once your hair has been blow-dried to perfection, try playing with different straight looks or create wavy styles using ideas from our inspiration hub.

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