Shake off polished perfection and explore the effortless possibilities of messy hairstyles.

Messy hairstyles and tousled tresses could be the solution to your “I woke up like this” styling dreams. Achieve a natural yet perfectly styled look that’s quick to create but will rock all day long.

Laid-back hair means quick styling, so if your mornings are busy, enjoy a few extra moments of beauty sleep and embrace messy hairstyles. Use our guide to inspire your next favourite tousled hair look. 



A stylish option when you’re pressed for time, a messy bun is an essential look to have in your styling arsenal. Pull your hair up and embrace a few loose strands for this ready-for-anything hairdo you can create in a matter of moments. Whether you’re on the way to work or have last-minute evening plans, this will be your go-to updo for tousled hair.



Put a relaxed spin on your fishtail braid for a glamorous messy hairstyle. Weave your boho braid loosely and don’t worry about pulling in every single strand – leaving a few free will give you a naturally tousled look. Frame your face and perfect carefree festival vibes with a few gently loosened sections around the braid and hairline. 



With a few carefully placed twists, tousled hair can easily take on this elegant updo. Call on those rebellious flyaways to add texture to your look and fall in love with a perfectly imperfect style you can achieve every day. Push your twist up for some added height or let it sit at the nape of the neck for simplistic glamour. Either way, this is an easy messy hairstyle you can be creating before your morning coffee.

Tip: Create textured waves before you start to twist, to give your look a boost.



Tousled waves are the easy-going beauty trend we love to envy. Adored for its loose strands and flyaways, this look radiates that bedhead vibe. Totally achievable, you can create the style yourself by using the ghd curve® creative curl wand to bring out waves in every direction. Take on this super-fierce style for a hairdo you can shake out, run your hands through and mess up.


An easy-breezy updo for tousled hair, a topknot is a quick, stylish fix if you’re short on time. Pull your messy hairstyle up into a chilled-out knot at your crown for a relaxed look that’s bang on trend. Don’t worry about achieving a polished style - let your hair lie naturally in different directions for added texture and movement.

Tip: Dial up the volume by gently backcombing your hair with the ghd tail comb before you put it up.



Pull back side strands of tousled hair to create a refreshed, romantic look. A half updo will give you plenty of contemporary elegance, which works perfectly with cascading loose waves. Include a loosened bun and a few unruly strands to complete this flawlessly messy hairstyle.

Tip: Keep your curls and waves in place for longer with the ghd curl hold spray.


Easy to wear and a dream to style, the messy ponytail is a quick and fabulous fix for early mornings. Use natural bedhead-style hair to create a look that can’t be tamed. Add extra volume and lightly backcomb your hair with the ghd tail comb to create a high pony with a fuss-free finish.

Tip: Keep your messy pony masterpiece in place with the ghd final fix hairspray.



Flat waves will give you carefree tousled hair, without hours of styling. Shake out your polished hair and refresh your look with this breezy do. Simply plait your hair and glide your ghd platinum® styler down your braid to create relaxed, flat waves that stay locked in.