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Meet your new client consultation tool...

At ghd, we don’t just want to teach you trends and techniques then leave you to it. We want to help you communicate those looks to your clients, so that you feel empowered to give them their dream hair and keep them coming back for more.

That’s why we’ve launched a new consultation method for 2018, to help you feel more connected to your client. Working with our brand ambassador and resident trend forecaster Zoë Irwin, we’ve identi ed the four key consumer types that clients fall into. We’ve looked at their tastes, their hobbies and their habits and we’ve combined that with our fashion know-how to create four distinct characters, that should help you have the best consultation possible. Wherever you are, you know these girls – and that’s why they’re going to help you and your team understand your audience better than ever.

This new way of thinking will allow you to connect to clients on a deeper level, to better understand their needs and to develop stronger relationships. All of which makes for happy customers, and good hair days.

meet our four new style tribes


The cool girl that has her own individual sense of style. She’s brave, fun and not afraid of experimenting. She understands high fashion, loves trends and knows the latest and coolest places to get inspired online, but she’s also all about nothing more than searching for hidden gems that put her own stamp on a look.


Meet the new IT girl, whose must-have accessory is her gym membership. Never seen without a green juice and always ready with a workout selfie, her love of attending the latest fitness classes sees her dressed head-to-toe in the latest active wear, discovered through her carefully-curated Instagram feed of inspiration.


This girl understands her style and is proud to stay true to it. She’s con dent, clear in her choices and effortlessly chic – she buys the classics and isn’t afraid to reuse them, time and time again. She’s not here for fast fashion fads and always stays true to her own tried and tested sense of style.


The seasonal fashion worshipper, this girl knows which day the new stock arrives in her favourite store – and is always there to pick out the best bits. She shops seasonally and follows high street fashion avidly. She owns some key pieces, but loves to be part of the crowd and pick and choose her seasonal trends accordingly.


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