Welcome to Hairtopia House!

To celebrate ghd’s extensive range of transformational tools, the Hairtopia House by ghd opened its doors at Noho Studios in Soho, London, on the 12th and 13th August 2022.

ghd invited friends and new lovers of the brand to indulge in an immersive tour through the ghd product ranges, where they had the opportunity to learn, create and be inspired by ghd’s most exciting innovations and much-loved products.

They had the opportunity to book a complimentary dry styling appointment with our professional stylists and finished the evening off with cocktails to celebrate their Good Hair Day.

Whether it’s beachy waves, sleek straight or embracing natural curls that they were after, ghd had the tools for all their hair goal needs. The event featured an immersive experience consisting of several interactive rooms dedicated to each core range, so they could try out the array of wands, tongs, stylers and much more!


Hairtopia House DJ

Guests were greeted with DJ Chloe Simone and her incredible mixes

Explore the range

Guests were able to see the range and test them out in our immersive areas

Hair done by professionals

Guests were booked in for dry styling appointments with our professional ghd hair stylists and chose their style from our Hairtopia House hair menu

360 degree camera

After having their hair styled, guests showed off their look in the 360 degree camera to ensure their good hair day was captured at all angles

City sleeker camera

Guests walked the runway to show of their good hair day in our city sleeker camera area

Food and Drink

Throughout the day, guests were treated to free-flowing drinks and nibbles at our Hairtopia House Party