Get double style points with a pair of festival hair braids. Find out how to create a double braid with textured ends, as styled by ghd Ambassador Zoe Irwin.

When it comes to festival hair, braids rule the campsite. But don’t conform to tradition this summer. Instead, choose a super-cool double braid with added texture for a festival braided hairstyle that minimises maintenance and maximises style. 

For Coachella, Millie Mackintosh sported a double hair braid with textured ends for her festival hair look. Effortlessly chic and full of attitude, braided hairstyles are the epitome of cool. Whether you’re partying the night away at Glastonbury or living it up at Lollapalooza, hair braids take minimal effort but make a standout statement, this option is great for some festival hair inspiration.

Here, Zoe Irwin, takes us through her step-by-step guide on how to braid hair in double fashion so you can recreate this look at home for the festival season:



1. Prep hair with product

2. Create parting, then braid from hairline

3. Join braids and pin

4. Use styler to create textured waves

5. Spritz with hairspray

step one: Prep hair with product

For hair braids that last all day, you need a good grip and hold in the hair, so prepare your damp locks with ghd root lift spray before blow-drying. Root lift spray will add body to your locks, giving hair braids and their stylishly loose ends a boost from root to tip. Then add ghd smooth and finish serum through the mid-lengths and ends to give a polished finish and add instant shine to your tresses.

step two: Create parting, then braid from hairline

Split hair into a natural parting with your fingers to create two sections. Braid each section in Dutch style from the front of the hairline with the sections braided underneath instead of on top for a more defined plaited style. To create your Dutch braid, split each section into three equal parts, cross the right strand under the middle strand, then cross the left strand under the new middle strand. Continue to do this, adding in hair from the lengths as you continue down the back of your head, until you reach the nape of the neck.

Tip: Braid tightly for uplift at the face to highlight cheek bones and then softly undo individual sections at the back for a boho look.

step three: Join braids and pin

At the nape of the neck, mix the two hair braids together and pin to hold in place for a soft finish. Use as many pins as you need to secure the style, concealing the grips with your hair.

step four: Use styler to create textured waves

Create textured waves in the ends of the hair by using the ghd platinum+ styler. With ultra-zone technology that provides safer-for-hair heat, the ghd platinum+ styler can help keep your hair healthier, stronger and shinier as you style your look. To create the waves, twist the styler downwards and then carry on gliding it down the hair. Alternate the direction of the wave with each section to add more texture to the look.

Tip: Leave around one inch of hair loose at the ends of your hair to help add to the textured look

step five: Spritz with hairspray

Sprayghd final fix hairspray onto your fingers and then run them through the ends of your hair for an undone look. Humidity-resistant, this product can keep your braids looking sleek, whether you’re soaking up the sunshine or partying in a muddy festival field. Once you’ve applied the hairspray, gently pull the hair braids apart with your fingers to give the style an overall undone finish.

Master the art of a boho double braided hairstyle and step out this festival season with confidence. For more ultra-luxe hair braid ideas, check out our inspiration hub. From chunky pull-through braids to a stylish unicorn braid, you’ll have endless festival hair inspiration.