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Festival Hairstyles:
Coachella Day 2

Get double style points with your festival hairstyle. Find out how to create a double braid with textured ends, as styled by ghd Ambassador Zoe Irwin.

When it comes to festival hair, braids rule the campsite. But don’t conform with your looks this summer – choose a super-cool double braid with added texture for a festival hairstyle that’s minimises maintenance and maximises style. 

For day two of Coachella, Millie Mackintosh sported a double braid with textured ends for her festival hair look. Here, Zoe Irwin, takes us through the steps so you can recreate this look at home for the festival season:

Here’s how to create a textured double braid

1. Prep hair with root lift spray then use smooth and finish serum to give polished finish

2. Create parting, then braid from hairline

3. Join braids and pin

4. Use styler to create textured waves

5. Spritz with fix hairspray

1. Prep hair with root lift spray, then use smooth and finish serum to give polished finish

For braids that last all day you need a good grip and hold in the hair, so prepare the hair with ghd root lift spray before blow-drying. Then add ghd smooth and finish serum through the mid-lengths and ends to give a polished finish at the ends.

2. Create parting, then braid from hairline

Split hair into a natural parting with fingers then braid from the front of the hairline with the sections braided underneath instead of on top. Braid through to the nape only.

3. Join braids and pin

From the nape mix the two braids together and pin to hold in place for a soft finish.

4.  Use styler to create textured waves

Create textured waves in the ends of the hair by using the ghd platinum® styler. Twist the styler downwards and then carry on sliding it down the hair to get the textured wave. Alternate the waves, going one way and then the other.

5. Spritz with fix hairspray

Using ghd final fix hair spray, spray it onto fingers and then run through the ends for an undone look, then pull the braids apart with fingers to give an overall undone finish.

Tip: Braid tightly for uplift at the face to highlight cheek bones and then pull out individual sections at the back for an undone look.



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