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ghd technique:
Pull-Through Braid

Let boho meet modern romance with the elegant pull-through braid hairstyle. 

Radiate elegance at your next big occasion with a sophisticated pull-through braid. Take the traditional ponytail and give it a modern day twist, layering pony after pony on top of each other and bringing them together with a braided hair finish. But creating this look doesn’t have to be hassle – let ghd teach you how to braid hair that bounds to wow.

Take your updo to a whole new level and find out how to create a braid hairstyle that will be the envy of the room at your next event. 

Here’s how to create a pull-through braid

1. Create a ponytail at the crown

2. Secure ponytail

3. Below, create another ponytail

4. Split first ponytail into two and pass down on both sides of the second ponytail and secure underneath

5. Continue this technique down the hair

6. Pull out loops to fatten and dress for your pull-through braid

step one: Create a ponytail at the crown

Starting at the crown, take a section of hair and create a ponytail

step two: Secure ponytail

Using a hair elastic, tie the ponytail up and out of the way

step three: Below, create another ponytail

Underneath the ponytail you have created at the crown, take another section of hair create another ponytail below – secure in place a hair elastic.

step four: Split first ponytail into two and pass down on both sides of the second ponytail and secure underneath

Take the ponytail from the crown (the top ponytail) and split into two equal section. Then, take the two sections and pass it around the second ponytail (the lower ponytail) and secure underneath – this will create a loop around the second ponytail.

step five: Continue this technique down the hair

Repeat steps three and four across all the way down until you reach the ends to create the pull-through braid.

step six: Pull out loops to fatten and dress

To finish your braid hairstyle, gently loosen all of the loops you’ve created to give the braids a fatter and thicker look. 

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