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How-to Hairstyles:
Runwave Curls

Glossy curls are always in style. Learn how to create this always-on-trend curly hairstyle using your ghd styler and achieve a glossy glam look.

Turn your attention to this gorgeous curly hairstyle. Sleek and soft, runwave curls can give your look a total refresh, combining a loose and undefined look with a touch of elegance.

Take the texture of curls, with the glamour of perfected waves for an effortlessly sleek look, perfect for any dressed-up event you have coming up.

Crafting curly hairstyles is a breeze with the ghd essential styling kit. Create lustrous curls that’ll look beautiful all day and enjoy a salon-quality finish from the comfort of your dressing table.

The key to this stunning style is great tools and some simple preparation to keep the style locked into your locks. Armed with your ghd styling arsenal, follow our step-by-step tutorial to achieve glam curls.

Here’s how to create runwave curls

1. Prep damp hair

2. Blow-dry hair

3. Prep dry hair

4. Curl hair using a straightener

5. Loosen curls with detangling comb

step one: Prep damp hair

Apply three to five pumps of ghd straight and tame cream to palm and smooth your locks before styling. Spread the product evenly throughout your hair, using your fingers to distribute.

step two: Blow-dry hair

Using the ghd air® hairdryer, blow-dry the straight and tame cream into your hair with help from the ghd size 3 ceramic vented radial brush.

Tip: To make blow drying easier, section hair into layers before you begin, clipping all excess hair out of the way.

step three: Prep dry hair

Take a small 1-2 inch section of hair and spritz lightly with ghd curl hold spray to help support your hair and achieve long-lasting curls.

step four: Curl hair using a straightener

Place the section of hair between the plates of the ghd gold® styler, rotate 180° and glide through to the ends to create a beautiful soft curl.

step five: Loosen curls with detangling comb

Repeat steps four and five throughout your locks. Once all the hair has been curled, lightly brush through your tresses with the ghd detangling comb to create a soft curly hairstyle.

Make dreamy Runwave Curls your next party look. Simply add your favourite heels and a show-stopping outfit to create an enviable night out look. With this radiant curly hairstyle, you’re bound to cause a stir as soon as you walk into the room.


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