Get the biggest hair in the arena with voluminous festival hairstyles, as styled by ghd and Stephanie Brienkerhoff.

Volume is he conerstone of fabulous festival hairstyles and it adds a playful dimension to a look. Whether you're rocking out at the mainstage or partying backstage, voluminous festival hair will always make a statement.

If you're after festival hair ideas to inspire your long weekend look, we've got you covered. ghd Ambassador Stephanie Brinkerhoff shares a few simple tricks to creative her favourite voluminous looks to make the most of your festival hair.

How to festival hair: Textured Mohawk

Create eye-catching volume in an iconic updo with this how to for festival hair. This edgy Mohawk was made for strutting your stuff at the main stage – include it in your selection of go-to looks for your long weekend and be the envy of the arena.

Here’s how to create a textured Mohawk:

1. Create texture

2. Prep with hairspray

3. Separate into four sections

4. Scrunch your hair around your pony

5. Pin your locks in place

6. Repeat until the look is complete

7. Finish with a touch of hairspray

step one: Create texture
Begin by creating messy texture in the hair using the ghd curve® classic curl tong.

Tip: Prep your locks with ghd curl hold spray before you begin to style.

step two: Prep with hairspray
Once the hair is curled, spray a generous amount of texture spray through the hair to build volume.

step three: Separate into four sections
Separate the hair into four ponytails, going from front to back of your head, in a Mohawk shape, securing each with a hair tie.

step four: Scrunch your hair around your pony
Begin at your first ponytail and scrunch up the hair around the base where your hair tie sits.

step five: Pin your locks in place
Take your hairpins and slide them into your locks to hold your hair in place. Be sure to use your hair to conceal the pins.

step six: Repeat until the look is complete
Go over steps 4 and 5 on your other three ponytails until you have a complete Mohawk.

step seven: Finish with a touch of hairspray
Complete the style with a generous spritz of ghd final fix hairspray to keep the look in place.

How to festival hair: Tousled tresses

Lustrous, textured tresses are a festival hairstyle that will never let you down. This carefree style creates an effortless boho vibe that you can channel all summer long. Rock it for yourself with this helpful festival hairstyle how-to.

Here’s how to create textured tresses:

1. Backcomb your hair

2. Separate your hair into sections

3. Create a curl

4. Repeat throughout

5. Flip your hair

6. Blow dry for more volume

7. Tousle to finish the style

step one: Backcomb your hair
Take your ghd narrow dressing brush and gently tease your locks at the roots to create volume.

step two: Separate your hair into sections
Split your hair horizontally from ear to ear and secure the top half on your crown with a hair tie. On the lower half, pick up a 2-3 inch section of hair.

step three: Create a curl
Using the ghd curve® soft curl tong, loosely curl the hair away from the face.

step four: Repeat throughout
Create more curls throughout the bottom section, each curled away from your face, before untying the top half and repeating steps three and four.

step five: Flip your hair
Once curled, flip the hair upside down and spray ghd final fix hairspray throughout the hair.

step six: Blow dry for more volume
Gently blow dry the ends of the hair with the ghd air® hair dryer while it's still flipped upside down to help secure the volume.

step seven: Tousle to finish the style
Flip the hair back over and use your fingers to tousle it, framing it around the face.

How to festival hair: Airy French braid

Festival hair is all about effortless styling, and this relaxed take on the French braid epitomises this cool vibe. Chic, cool and easy to create, this is the perfect updo to add to your look book for the big weekend.

Here’s how to create an airy French braid:

1. Curl your hair

2. Backcomb for volume

3. Create texture

4. Separate hair into sections

5. Weave a French braid

6. Secure the look in place

7. Finish with a spritz of hairspray

step one: Curl your hair
Begin by curling all of the hair away from the face using the ghd curve® creative curl wand.

step two: Backcomb for volume
With your ghd narrow dressing brush, begin to backcomb your locks at the roots to create that extra volume.

step three: Create texture
Spritz your locks with ghd final fix hairspray and run your fingers through your tresses to create texture in your hair.

step four: Separate hair into sections
Going from one temple to the other, take a section of hair from the top of your hairline, pull it to the back of your head and separate it into three sections approximately two inches each.

step five: Weave a French braid
Take an outside section and place it over the top of the middle. Do the same on the other side and pull in more hair to each outer strand as you continue down your head. Repeat this until you come to the ends of your hair. Don’t worry about stray hairs and keep you braiding loose to achieve the airy, messy effect.

step six: Secure the look in place
When you finish your braid, lock the style in with hairpins, concealing them beneath your hair.

step seven: Finish with a spritz of hairspray
Secure the style in place with a generous dose of ghd final fix hairspray.

Get inspired and perfect your look with these festival hairstyles. With these fabulous looks in your playbook and the ghd styling tools by your side, you’ll be mainstage ready in a matter of moments.

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