Perfect your wavy hair game when it comes to festival season, with Stephanie Brinkerhoff’s festival hair how-to guides.

Wavy hairstyles are a festival style staple. From messy curls to textured tresses, these free-spirit boho styles epitomise carefree beauty. Embrace the opportunity to experiment with your look and embellish your wavy festival hair with glitter, fresh blooms and quirky headscarves.

Easy to maintain and effortless to create, wavy festival hair looks beautiful whether you’re dancing in a field or partying the night away on a beach. Here, ghd ambassador Stephanie Brinkerhoff gives us the lowdown on how to achieve three wavy festival hairstyles for you to rock at your next big music event.




A mane of tousled curls is festival hair gold. Amp up the look even further by dressing your locks with a stunning headpiece. Keep it simple with a chic headband, make a statement with a flower crown or go for all-out glamour with a glitzy hair vine. 

step one: Prep your locks This wavy hairstyle is all about texture and volume. To create extra body in your locks, backcomb your hair at the roots in sections using the ghd narrow dressing brush.

step two: Use a styler to create waves
For beautiful waves use the ghd curve® classic wave wand. Curl 1-2 inch sections of hair at a time, taking care to leave the ends straight. Alternate directions as you go to keep the curls looking tousled.

step three: Lock in the look
Finish with a spray wax or a texture spray to create a boho-looking style that lasts all day and night. Add your headpiece and you’re ready to go



Go big with your festival hair and create teased, textured waves that hold their own in a crowd. This wavy hairstyle is seriously extra. Embrace the imperfections and create waves for days.

step one: Add volume
Begin by backcombing all of the roots for texture and volume with the ghd narrow dressing brush.

step two: Use a styler to create waves
Using the ghd curve® creative curl wand, curl 1-2 inch sections of hair at a time. Wrap the top half of the section in one direction around the wand. Once it’s curled, unwrap it and curl the bottom half of the hair in the opposite direction. The result is a really natural wave pattern instead of an overly defined curl pattern. Leave the ends straight to make it even more bohemian.

step three: Secure the look
Finish with a spray wax or a texture spray to add even more movement to this striking festival hairstyle.



Turn heads with tumbling waves that last all day and night. This dramatic festival hairstyle will definitely get you to the front of the crowd. Add glitter to your roots for a pop of colour and a fun twist on the look.

step one: Create body in your hair
Start off the style by backcombing all of your roots with the ghd narrow dressing brush to add texture and volume.

step two: Craft beautiful waves with a styler
Achieve mesmerising mermaid waves with the ghd platinum+ styler. Curl 2-inch sections of hair at a time. As you curl, glide the styler downwards to elongate the curls, making them straighter and not too bouncy. Alternate directions to keep the curls dishevelled.

step three: Finish with product
Once you’ve created a mane of mermaid waves, finish with a spray wax or a texture spray.
Tip: Embellish your wavy festival hairstyle with micro braids to add a whimsical touch to the look.

Charming wavy hairstyles can be created on any hair length or type - whether you’re rocking a cropped bob or long luscious locks. It’s a style that can be slept on, shaken up and played with - and it still looks incredible from start to finish. If you’re planning on creating waves for your next festival, try out one of these looks and have fun with your style.

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