Take inspiration from Patrick Wilson's festival hairstyles, as modelled by Lydia Millen at Coachella 2017.

Bringing that bohemian feel to your festival hairstyle has never been easy. Braids and waves have become a big part of festival style, so make sure your hair is ready for a long weekend of music, dancing and camping.

For Coachella 2017, ghd stylist Patrick Wilson showcased three different looks on blogging star Lydia Millen. Learn how you can achieve these chic festival hairstyles by following our simple step-by-step guides.



1. Blow dry hair into a centre part using the ghd air® hairdryer. For each section, blast the hair until it is about 90% dry to remove the water then, following the brush, closely move the dryer from the root towards the end to style the remaining 10% and to straighten out the hair.

2. Next, create deep, loose waves in the hair using ghd platinum+ styler. Place styler at the root and rotate 360°, gliding through to the ends. Repeat this technique, alternating the direction that you turn the styler for a beachier wave! Alternating the direction of the curls around the sides and back of the head creates more volume and texture throughout.

3. Next, dress out with the ghd detangling comb and finish with a spritz of ghd final fix hairspray.

4. For the added adornment element, create a fishtail braid in the hair. Start the fishtail braid on the right hand side of the head and section a part of the hair you want to plait depending upon how visible you want this to be; the larger the section, the more obvious the plait. Take two sections of hair and cross over each side adding new hair as you go. Repeat this process down the divided section and secure with an elastic.

5. Pull the braid apart for a lived in, undone texture and spritz with the ghd final shine spray for a glossy finish.



1. Prep the hair using the ghd total volume foam and dry into the hair to create root lift, give fullness and all-over body to your style using the ghd air® hairdryer. Blow dry the hair until totally dry and finish with a blitz from the cool air shot for about 5-10 seconds to seal the cuticle for amazing shine.

2. Next, create loose waves in the hair using ghd platinum+ styler. Take a section of hair above the ear to begin styling and place the styler at the highest point of the hair and rotate 360° as you glide through to the ends. Repeat this technique throughout the hair, always working in the same direction away from the face.

3. Leaving front sections out to soften the look, start the waterfall braid just behind the fringe area.

4. Pick up hair from one side as you braid, isolate some hair from each section so it falls down from the braid into the rest of the hair.

5. Repeat on the other side of the head so it is mirroring the first braid.

6. Loosen the waves using your hands and finish with a spritz of ghd final fix hairspray all over the hair to lock your final look in place.



1. Prep damp hair with the ghd total volume foam to create soft but long lasting volume and fullness, working the product through to the ends.

2. Blow-dry and work the product into the hair using the ghd natural bristle brush teamed with the ghd air® hairdryer.

3. Next, place the brush in at the root and direct the airflow over the brush, smoothing through to the ends for a sleek and straight finish.

4. Twist-wrap hair around the barrel of the ghd curve classic curl tong to create structured and defined curls. Repeat this technique throughout the hair, curling up towards the parting.

5. Once all of the hair is curled and cooled, dress out by brushing the hair with the ghd paddle brush – add a spritz of ghd final shine spray to the brush before combing it through the hair for added sparkle to the look!

6. Add some hidden micro braids throughout various layers of the hair for a boho finish.