ghd X Glacial Blue


Get in the Christmas spirit this festive season and illuminate your locks with a flurry of twinkling tinsel. Let the golden strands weave and interlace through your hair as they shimmer in the twilight. This hairstyle will ensure a feeling of Christmassy confidence as you book up your social calendar over the holiday period.

Samantha Cusick is the stylist behind this gorgeous hairstyle, using Elisa Maino as her model. Samantha created the curls using the ghd platinum+ styler, and to find out how she achieved such a style, follow our step-by-step guide.



1. Prep dry hair with a light mist of ghd curl hold spray to give your curls long lasting hold.

2. Section your hair from ear to ear and clip away the top section.

3. Taking a small section, place the ghd platinum+ styler at the root, turn it towards your face, glide a few seconds and then release halfway down. Shake the section of hair to loosen and maintain the airy, undone texture. Place the styler back in the section below the first and repeat; turning the styler in the same direction towards your face, gliding to the bottom, then shaking out.

4. Repeat this process throughout the hair, leaving only the front hair line.

5. Curl the front sections using the same method but changing the direction away from the face.

6. Mist ghd final shine spray onto a ghd oval dressing brush and lightly pass through hair, bringing hair forward for added volume.

7. Finish the look by adding strands of hair tinsel to the front sections of the hair for added shine when the hair moves.