Conquer easy hairstyles with these simple-to-create ‘dos, perfect for partying all night long.

Chic and sleek looks don’t have to take an age to create. Whether you’re going on a girls’ night out or counting down to the new year, these easy party hairstyles ensure a stress-free styling experience.  

Get your ghd toolkit together and get ready to shine with these super-hot, party-worthy styles. 


Glossy waves are a girl’s best friend. Sultry and shiny, they’re easy to create and look beautiful cascading from a ponytail. Up the glam factor for your next bash and dance the night away with this simple party hairstyle. 


Here’s how to create a wavy ponytail:

1. Prep hair with product 

2. Create curls throughout your hair 

3. Brush the curls out into waves 

4. Take your hair up into a ponytail 

5. Wrap a section of hair around the base 

6. Loosen strands at the front

step one: Prep hair with product 
Mist your hair with ghd curl hold spray and comb it through using the ghd tail comb. 

step two: Create curls throughout your hair 
Take a one to two-inch section of hair and place the ghd platinum+ black styler at the root facing forward. Gently shut the styler, rotate it fully, then let it glide through the length of your hair to the ends. Repeat the technique throughout your hair.  

Step three: Brush the curls out into waves 
Transform your curls into waves by gently running the ghd oval dressing brush through your locks.

step four: Take your hair up into a ponytail 
Once you have a gorgeous mane of waves, take them all back into a ponytail. Secure in place on your crown using a hair tie. 

step five: Wrap a section of hair around the base 
Take a very small section of hair from your ponytail and wind it around the base of your ponytail to disguise the hair tie. 

step six: Loosen tendrils at the front 
Pull some strands loose at your hairline to beautifully frame your face and complete the look.

Products used: ghd curl hold spray, ghd tail comb, ghd platinum+ black styler, ghd oval dressing brush.


There’s nothing more chic than glossy ultra-straight locks, so put on your dancing shoes and flaunt those sleek tresses with confidence. This classic easy party hairstyle is a timeless look that’ll never go out of fashion.


Here’s how to get straight hair

1. Prep locks with product

2. Glide a styler through your tresses

3. Repeat throughout hair

4. Add movement at the front

5. Create a sleek finish

step one: Prep locks with product 
Spritz ghd heat protect spray on dry hair.

step two: Glide a styler through your tresses 
Take a one to two-inch section of hair and place the ghd platinum+ black styler at the root. Close the plates and gently run the straightener through your hair right to the ends.

step three: Repeat throughout hair 
Repeat the technique throughout the rest of your locks until all your hair is totally straight.

step four: Add movement at the front 
Create a soft bevel at your hairline by simply twisting the styler towards your face as you straighten your hair.

step five: Create a sleek finish 
Mist ghd final shine spray onto the ghd paddle brush then lightly work it through your hair.

Products used: ghd heat protect spray, ghd platinum+ black styler, ghd final shine spray, ghd paddle brush.


Less time styling equals more time dancing. Simply take your hair up and off your face so you can party the night away. This red-hot easy party hairstyle ticks the trend box and is a breeze to create.


Here's how to create a bun

1. Blow-dry hair in sleek fashion

2. Create two knots

3. Secure in place

step one: Blow-dry hair in sleek fashion 
Use the ghd air® hairdryer to blow-dry hair away from your face, while keeping it sleek and smooth.

step two: Take your tresses into a ponytail  
Pull all of your hair into a super high ponytail on top of your head and secure with a hair tie. 

step three: Create a knot 
Take the loose ends of your ponytail and divide into two. Wind them around each other to create a knot.

step four: Secure in place 
Use hair pins to lock the look in place and finish with a dose of ghd final fix hairspray. 

Products used: ghd air® hairdryer, ghd final fix hairspray.


Sweep your tresses into a show-stopping side braid and all eyes will be on you. Ethereal and chic, plaits add instant romance to your style. Create this fuss-free side braid and let your hair do the talking at your next party. 


How to create a side braid

1. Sweep all your hair to one side

2. Create a three strand plait

3. Secure in place

step one: Sweep all your hair to one side 
To create this classic style, divide your hair into a centre parting, then pull all your locks over one shoulder.

step two: Create a three-strand plait 
Split your hair into three sections at the top of your ear. Cross the right section over the middle, then cross the left section over the middle. Repeat the technique all the way to your ends.

step three: Secure in place 
Use a hair tie and a spritz of ghd final fix hairspray to lock the braid in place. 

Products used: ghd final fix hairspray.


Put a boho twist on your locks with a simple accent braid. Using the classic three strand technique, this edgy embellishment will breathe new life into your party lookbook. 


Here's how to create an accent braid

1. Create a side parting and section hair

2. Plait hair

3. Secure in place

4. Create a pancake effect

step one: Create a side parting and section hair 
Use the ghd tail comb to create a side parting. At the front of your hairline, take a two to three-inch section of hair and divide into three.  

step two: Plait hair 
Using a simple three strand technique, plait your hair from the root to the ends, taking care to cross the right and left sections over the middle. 

step three: Secure in place 
Make sure the braid stays put by tying a hair tie around the end. Then pin it in place behind your ear. 

step four: Create a pancake effect 
Pancaking is basically messing up and expanding your braid for a more tousled look. To get this effect, use your fingers to gently loosen the plait and widen it. 

Simplify your hair routine with these easy party hairstyles and enjoy stress-free pre-party styling. Once you’ve got the hang of these gorgeous styles, you’ll be out the door and making your entrance at the party in no time