Shake up your styling routine with these five swept-up updos for short hair.

A short-hair updo isn’t just about getting your hair up and out of the way. Packed with glamour, a versatile pulled up style can breathe new life into your look.

Keep on top of short hair trends and make sure you have the updo styles to suit your length. Get ready to be swept away by gorgeous styling and embrace a whole new range of updos for short hair with this guide.

Take your style back a few eras with a timelessly cool retro twist. If you’re a lover of all things vintage, this is a must-try look. A staple updo for short hair, not only does it scream effortless cool, it’s a breeze to create at home.


STEP 1: Prep you hair with ghd total volume foam before drying With damp hair, massage ghd total volume foam from the roots to the ends.

STEP 2: Blow-dry your hair Dry your locks with the ghd air® hair dryer. As you dry, aim the air downwards and use the ghd ceramic vented radial brush size 1 to style.

STEP 3: Create a side parting on your desired side Make a side parting using the ghd tail comb.

STEP 4: Take a two to three-inch section of hair Start from your parting and take a two to three-inch section from along your hairline on the heavier side. For a bigger twist, add more depth by pulling more hair in.

STEP 5: Twist your hair up and backwards Take your section and twist it away from your face to start creating the style.

STEP 6: Pull in more hair and continue to ends Once you’ve started, pull more hair in from along your hairline, continuing the twist in the same direction as you go. Continue until the twist runs behind your ear.

STEP 7: Pin your twist in place Use hair pins to secure the look in place just behind your ear.

STEP 8: Pull the rest of your hair into a low bun Take your remaining hair and pull it all back into a low bun at the nape of your neck using a hair tie to hold it in place.

STEP 9: Secure the final look with hairspray Keep every hair in place by generously spraying the final look with ghd final fix hairspray and smoothing over the style with your hands.


Braids aren’t just for longer locks. Gorgeously woven hair is a must for short-hair updos. Intricate looking with a touch of bohemian cool, this style is great for everyday and a dream to dress up. Whichever way you wear it, you can be sure that this look ticks all the styling boxes.



STEP 1: Prepare hair for styling with heat protect spray Generously spray dry hair with ghd heat protect spray, making sure it is evenly dispersed throughout.

STEP 2: Straighten your hair Begin styling with the ghd platinum+ black styler. Take a two to three-inch section of hair and place the styler at the root. From there, glide to the ends of your hair for lasting straightness. Repeat throughout your hair.

STEP 3: Create a centre parting Use the ghd tail comb to create a centre parting.

STEP 4: Separate your hair into three sections Taking hair from your parting, make three one-inch sections.

STEP 5: Bring an outside section over the centre With one of your outer sections, move it over the centre section so it is now in the middle.

STEP 6: Repeat on the other side Now bring the other outer section over the new middle section.

STEP 7: Bring more hair into both outer sections On both sides, pull another half-inch of hair into the outside sections.

STEP 8: Continue braiding Repeat steps five to seven moving along your hairline, down to the nape of your neck and back up towards the start of your braid.

STEP 9: Tie off your braid Use a hair tie to complete your braid. Conceal the ends within the rest of your hair, using pins to secure it in place.


Create volume, texture and enviable style with a curly short-hair updo. Get ready to embrace gorgeous curls and swept up glamour when you recreate this look on your own cropped locks.



STEP 1: Prep hair with curl hold product Work ghd curl hold spray through your dry hair, being sure to cover it all, from root to tip.

STEP 2: Create tight curls in small sections Take a one to two-inch section and wrap your hair around the barrel of the ghd curve® creative curl wand. Hold for five to eight seconds for lasting curls.

STEP 3: Curl all of you hair Repeat step two throughout your hair to create a full head of tight, bouncing curls.

STEP 4: Pull your hair to the back of your head Bring your newly curled hair to the back of your head. Avoid pulling it too much to help maintain the curls.

STEP 5: Create the desired shape Once you have your hair at the back of your head, twist it inwards and tuck the ends under your twist to conceal any loose strands.

STEP 6: Pin it in place Once you have your hair in the desired place, use hair pins to secure the look and finish with a mist of ghd final fix hairspray.


Shorter hair lends itself perfectly to create an enviably luxe updo. Chic, shimmering hair will always turn up the glamour in your hair, so add this sleek style to your look book and get ready to turn heads.



STEP 1: Prep damp locks with product Work ghd straight and tame cream into your damp hair and evenly disperse throughout.

STEP 2: Blow-dry hair Use the ghd aura® professional hair dryer to blow-dry your hair until it is completely dry.

STEP 3: Straighten your hair With a two to three-inch section, place your ghd platinum+ styler at the root. Glide the styler from here to the ends. Repeat throughout your hair.

STEP 4: Pull your straight hair towards the nape of your neck Once your hair is straight, bring it to the nape of your neck. Use the ghd paddle brush to keep it kink free and smooth as you pull it back.

STEP 5: Twist into an elegant knotted style At this point begin to twist your hair into a smooth, rope-like shape and let it twist around itself to create a knotted effect for a sleek, simple look.

STEP 6: Pin your look in place Use your hair pins to secure your look in place. Tuck any pins or ends of your hair under the knot to achieve a flawless finish.

STEP 7: Add some shine Finally, complete the look with a spritz of ghd final shine spray.


Create gorgeous movement in your style for an immediate styling win, with pinned back waves. Super cool kinks and waves take on a sophisticated new look with this pinned up look. Totally gorgeous and a breeze to style – you can create this glamorous short-hair updo quickly and easily.



STEP 1: Prep hair with ghd curl hold spray With dry hair, spray your locks generously with ghd curl hold spray, being sure to disperse the product from root to tip.

STEP 2: Begin to curl in small sections Take a two to three-inch section and use your ghd curve® classic curl tong to begin curling. Hold for five to eight seconds for defined, long-lasting twirls.

STEP 3: Create waves in different directions Work your way around your head, curling all of your hair. As you go, be sure to alternate the direction of styling to create texture and movement in your look.

STEP 4: Run your hands through your curls Break up the curls and create flowing waves by running your fingers through your hair.

STEP 5: Pull your hair back and pin in place Once you have gorgeous waves, pull your hair to the back of your head and begin to secure it in place with hair pins. Be careful not to pull your hair too tight to maintain the structure of the waves.

STEP 6: Conceal your pins within your hair As you secure your look in place, push your pins under your hair so they are concealed within the style.